Top 3 Video Streaming Services Like YouTube

Top 3 Video Streaming Services Like YouTube

YouTube is one of the biggest social platforms currently. Here you will find any kind of video you wish to see you’ll even have the opportunity to use a tool to download YouTube video as mp3, another reason to love YouTube. And the ones which become extremely popular, have views in millions and even billions. Quite similar to the application Tiktok which has helped people make millions(read the full story here), Youtube also has and still is helping pay for the living of its many users.

If finding a Youtuber’s net worth has piqued your interest, online tools like the Net Worth Calculator can be of great use.

Along with watching your favorite videos, you can also stream your own videos on this platform. But just like any other social media, even YouTube has its own disadvantages. Some of them include:

  • YouTube can ban your video anytime
  • You can be asked to share royalty earned from YouTube
  • There are various checks you need to consider while uploading videos, and so on.

Because of these disadvantages, people have started looking out for other alternatives as well, such as putlockers. They wish to stream videos which can get fair chance of viewership. And various other platforms have emerged which provide users with such facilities.


This is one of the fastest growing platform, next to YouTube. It has multiple paid plans to choose from, ranging from free, i.e., Vimeo Basic, to Vimeo Plus and Vimeo Pro. Each has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. If you wish to sell your videos, or edit them, then paid plans are much better for your business.

But overall, having Vimeo as your video streaming service is one of the best options you would get.


People use Metacafe to share millions of short videos. All the major categories are covered here, like sports, movies, music, TV, and games. The biggest advantage you will get here is, that you get paid for uploading your videos. If your video is of high quality, then only it will come in the ranking list.

Due to its paying feature, it is becoming common among the masses increasingly.


DailyMotion is more or less like YouTube only. You can view the videos, upload them, and even browse them based on the categories you wish to see. Its interface is similar to YouTube, which makes it one of the best alternatives to YouTube. The content here varies as much as you wish to see.

Although DailyMotion also has some disadvantages, but these are hardly of concern to normal users. They find it a much better alternative when it comes to uploading and streaming their videos.

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