How to Compress Your Videos Online?

How to Compress Your Videos Online?

Today people have started including videos as well in their blogs and websites. But videos cost a lot to the users. Wondering why?

Videos take up a lot of bandwidth. And bandwidth is really expensive. So what can be done to save that cost, while also including videos in your content?

You can compress your videos before you go ahead and upload them. Various movies that you see on putlocker, all are in the compressed form. This way, your bandwidth would be saved, thereby reducing your overall costs. Now there are plenty of online platforms that help you compress your videos online. You can obviously go ahead and download the compressing software as well. But online saves you a lot of time and space. If you also have some old video tapes that you want to upload online,  you can navigate to this website to convert it in a digital form.

Here are few platforms where you can compress your videos.


Clipchamp is one of the popular video compressors you will find online. It has both free and paid versions. With free, you can compress unlimited videos while with a watermark. In paid versions, this watermark is removed. Once you compress your videos, you will then easily be able to save the storage and upload your videos at a faster rate.

Size is important in the case of videos. When your videos are small, a lot of your tasks are made easy. Hence always compress them wherever possible.


This is another popular websites for compressing your videos. This is free and you can compress any kind of video, such as MP4, MP3, and MOV. And you can also compress your images or files as well, in formats like PDF, JPG, PNG, etc.

You just need to upload your file and hit compress. Your file would be compressed and would then become easy to use and share. Some of the biggest advantages here are that it is free of cost, no registration is required, and watermark is also not added to your videos. Hence you can share them without worrying about advertising the third party.

These 2 are the widely used platforms. There are many other online compressing websites that help you achieve your purpose. But why go for others when you can get the same in your first choice, right?

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