Tips to Find a Good Domain Name Instantly

One of the toughest decisions while starting a business or startup is to decide a brand name or to find a right domain name. BOI company registration law firm in Thailand helps companies register their company throughout the whole process. Choosing a right domain name defines your online presence and it will be good for search engine as well as for your target audience. So always choose a name that makes sense for your business because it can break or make the reputation of your business because once a brand name or domain name is taken, and after doing marketing. It’s very tough to change a name in a sense you will end up losing business. Take an example if a Google will change its name to something else. Will not it loose business and in the end it will end up losing traffic and all the traffic will be taken by its competitors like Yahoo and Bing. So always choose domain or brand name wisely. You can try Bitly for it combines custom domain setup and complete link management into a single brand-building platform. 


Now, before you buy a domain name, you have few options like hiring a company to make a brand name or search a domain name for you. There are many companies that do that but what comes in mind is Boskier Inc does it perfectly as they are known for their work in the field of domain and brand naming.


While there is another option that you can search or create a brand name yourself but I would suggest not doing that if you don’t have experience in this field.


Another very famous option is using a domain name or blog name generator. If you are a blogger and not a multimillion dollar company then it would be good for you to use a blog name generator. Sites like brazil domain registration would also allow you to register your domain name on another country such as Brazil. 


In blog name generator, I would suggest using which is a famous website and known for its algorithm to create best domains on the basis of your keywords. Not only that they also offer handpicked available domain names in their second section for free. They have many more features. You can get there and check that.


While still you will get tons of options of domains while searching or buying from a specialist. So always choose a brand name which is very easy to type and remember. Your audience should remember it easily. Just imagine Google, Kodak, Nike, Pepsi, and Sony. They are made up names means they have no meaning in it but they are very easy to remember and spell. There is no doubt marketing and other hundreds of factors come into place while using a made-up domain name. But my point is how easy to remember these names are.


So while buying a domain, buy the shorter and easy to remember one. Avoid using hyphens and numbers in a domain name as you will end up losing customers. Though using hyphen or number will not affect search engines but it will affect your target audience as most of the people don’t remember hyphen or numbers (unless your target audience is not from China).


However, there is another factor – age of a domain. You can buy an aged one but Google doesn’t use its ranking factor on the basis of age of domain. So even if a domain name is new it’s as effective as an older domain. So you should not put much emphasis on aged one as I can see there are lot of domains only a few months old getting a rank on first page of Google because of their quality content and get links because of that quality content.


Another factor that comes in my mind is, shall we buy a longer domain or a shorter one. Though you should always try to buy a shorter one but sometimes if longer one makes sense you should register it. But it should not be too long. In 95% of cases you should buy shorter.


Last tip but not the least. Try to stick on .com domain name.  .com is considered king in domaining world as everyone is aware about .com domain and is most searched one but at the same time don’t think others are bad. Though .com has an advantage but there are other extensions like .net, .info and .org that have done quite well. Like .org extension has its own reputation and is considered better than .com while using for a non-profit website. .org is widely used for charity, helping refugee, non-profit websites as this extension gives an impression that company is a non-profit or information is coming from a non-profit source.


Just take another example, if your target audience is only from a single country like US then it would be possible for you to buy a .us extension due to non-availability of .com. Though never buy any famous companies name of other extension. It might cause a trademark issue.


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