How to Choose Right SSL Certificate for Your Website?

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Certificate market is on the rise, with a considerable awareness in regard to encryption and safety. These days, visitors have become more mindful. And, while visiting a website or making a purchase from it, they assess almost every essential factor for their security.

In such a scenario, the green padlock icon on your URL bar cannot go unnoticed. So, if you want a safe padlock on your URL, you must have an SSL certificate installed for good. Once done, your website visitors won’t have any problem sharing confidential information, like credit card details, passwords, contact number, payment details, and more.

What is an SSL Certificate?

SSL certificate stands for Secure socket layer certification and is generally used to establish a secure connection between the browser of your visitors and your website. This entire process of setting a secure and encrypted connection is called SSL handshake.

There are a variety of certificates out there, such as Wildcard SSL certificates and more. They are generally installed on website pages that request for sensitive and confidential information from users, like payment details, passwords, and more.

Why Should You Have an SSL Certificate?

If you desire to prove your legitimacy and identity to website visitors, you surely need an SSL certificate on your website. This type of security is generally used to keep the information of users safe. So, an SSL is important if your website is all about:

  • Selling goods online
  • Allowing users to create new accounts
  • Facilitating login and registering options
  • Accepting users’ information, photos, and documents
  • Providing services including email, internet banking, and more

How to Choose Right SSL Certificate for Your Website?

If you have no idea of how to choose the correct SSL certificate, these tips will help you better:

    1. Choosing the Type:

There is a comprehensive list of SSL certificates that are meant to cater to the different needs of a brand. Depending on your requirements, you should be navigating through these types and then choose the one that would match your requirements in a better way.

Popular types of SSL certificates are:

      • Single domain
      • Multi-domain


  • Organizational validation
  • Extended validation


    1. Domains or Subdomains:

Another factor to consider is the number of domains or subdomains you would like to secure. Different types of SSL certificates are designed to fulfill different needs. So, if you have multiple domains or subdomains, you don’t have to buy a different certificate for each one of them.

Instead, conduct proper research and find out such SSL certificate that can manage all of the other domains as well.

    1. Type of Website:

In comparison with typical websites that only gather email IDs for newsletters, e-commerce ones that directly process credit cards would need more coverage against security breaches. Thus, you would have to consider this point for a better selection.

Once you have figured out the kind of data that you are obtaining, you will have a better idea of the warranty level that you would need from your SSL certificate.

    1. Keep your Budget in Mind:

Generally, the price of an SSL certificate differs based on the kind of certificate you would need. Right from a free certificate, such as a DV one, to an extremely expensive certificate, such as the EV one that includes disciplined business validation process; the cost varies tremendously.

Basically, the price of the certificate depends on the warranty type, information that you process, and the number of domains or subdomains that you are covering under one certificate — furthermore, the expensive the certificate, the better warranty and encryption it will be providing to you.

    1. Warranty of SSL Certificate:

The guarantee or warranty that comes along the SSL certificate makes sure how seriously the provider is taking the security of your website. If your business validation is more thorough, having a warrantied SSL certificate will provide you a higher guarantee.

    1. Customer Support:

Out of all the important aspects, you must cross-check how the SSL certificate company is going to provide you with customer support. Of course, problems are going to be inevitable. So, if you have figured out the kind of certificate you want, ensure that the company is good enough to provide you with customer support whenever required.

    1. The speed of Issuance:

While there are such SSL certificates that can be issued quickly, there are some such as well that would need a thorough examination of your brand’s legal registration to issue the certification. And, in the latter scenario, it may take up to weeks. So, if you think you would be in a hurry, make sure you keep all the aspects in mind.


Considering how your business website is always under threat, taking adequate precautions is quite necessary. So, if you haven’t got your SSL certificate yet, make sure you aren’t delaying anymore to get it.

Also, it is recommended by experts not to rush into buying the certificate but take some time and research more about it. Once you are sure of the certificate fulfilling your necessities and requirements, only then take the plunge and invest your money on a certificate and a world-class cyber security service.

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