10 Memes Web Designers and Developers Can Relate To

Web Design and Development is a challenging field with its own ups and lows. Finding humour in such a scenario is a commendable task. In this post, I present to you 10 of the best memes/graphics I found across the Web which I consider will hit home for most of the Web Designer and Developer brothers and sisters. These memes truly show the funny side of things, however imperfect they might be. So, let’s begin.

  1. A Website is never done. I repeat, NEVER!

  2. This one relates on a spiritual level!

  3. The Stages of Programming

  4. The Importance of Responsive Web Design

  5. Job is directly proportional to beard and hygiene in general

  6. How to deal with a bug during a presentation

  7. Let the testing begin!

  8. Debugging is the worst thing EVER!

  9. Me – Website is complete with no bugs!

    Internet Explorer – LOL, Hold my Beer!

  10. What Designers actually do

These were some of the best memes/Graphics I found to be highly relatable. Hope you enjoyed them.

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