How to Live Stream a Video Online?

How to Live Stream a Video Online?

These days, there is a great trend of live videos. Various actors and people live stream their videos to connect with their followers. Why is this possible today? Because of fast internet, learn more from Go live Australia.

Everyone today has access to smartphones and fast internet, that they keep their eyes glued to online video streaming options, specially watching videos on 123movies. Amidst this, having live stream your videos come as a great opportunity for your business’ success. Because of fast internet, people can easily view such videos. And there are various benefits of live streaming content.

  • You can easily increase your revenue through these videos
  • Your followers would also increase if your videos are interesting, and so on.

Now that you know live streaming is good for your business, how can you live stream? More specifically, where all can you live stream your content in order to get the benefits? Consider a service to watermark your live stream and protect your content.


YouTube is the biggest platforms for videos. You will find all types of videos here under various categories. Hence, putting up your live streamed content is also a great idea to connect with your audience through YouTube.

For that, you need to follow some basic checks. You need to confirm that your channel is verified, and no restrictions for live stream were imposed on your YouTube account in the last 90 days. After that, enable the live streaming option. If you are enabling this for the first time, it may take up to 24 hours. So make sure you go through all the requirements and checks before you enable this function.


Facebook live stream is extremely easy. Most of the celebrities today use this to reach out to their fans. Their day to day life, or some special events happening around them are made live to people instantly. For example, businesses rent out venues such as DFW Celebrations and they host a live event there. If you need some help with video edition, consider hiring an expert like

People usually send out a notification that they would be live with a specified event at specified time. This ensures them maximum visibility. For live streaming your content on Facebook, you can directly sign in to your account and start live streaming.


Instagram is also popular with people when it comes to live streaming their videos. For going live here, sign into your account. Now either tap on the top left corner, or simply swipe right. You will notice camera being opened up. At the bottom of the screen, you will find an option to go live. Hit that, and you are live instantly.

Various companies use Instagram live videos to reach out to their potential customers and increase their loyal base. People, in general, also use this feature to increase their friends following.

Overall, live streaming is a great feature, giving you numerous benefits on the go. Try this out if you have not done this yet.

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