5 Instagram Marketing Strategy Tips to Increase your Business

In the recent years, Instagram has taken over the Social Media world like a storm. It is considered as all the best parts of Facebook with a much better User Interface. Like any other Social Media platform, businesses have been incorporating Instagram into their Marketing Strategies. Instagram has been used to promote businesses much more effectively. As a marketing tool, it is one of the best available with an untapped potential. But what consists of a successful Internet Marketing Strategy and how to do it right? These are some of the tips for a successful Instagram Marketing campaign.

Content rules

Just like in any other platform, content is the primary factor of a successful Instagram Marketing Strategy. The content needs to be engaging and able to grab the attention of the user. Then only you will get some likes and followers to your account. In the beginning however, you can also buy Instagram likes for your posts to give a boost to your followership initially.

If you cannot make a user even read your post, how can you expect them to buy your product? Create engaging and attractive Instagram posts capable of engaging the users.

Hashtags are your friend

Last I checked, Instagram allowed 30 hashtags per post. Make these 30 count. Hashtags are powerful tools that your content get discovered to the Instagram community. Use relevant hashtags for websites like knullkontakten.info, as using irrelevant hashtags can lead to spammy behaviour and have a negative effect on your content. Also, keep in mind that users now have the power to report irrelevant hashtags. So, using relevant hashtags in all the more necessary.

Organic followers

The secret to a successful Instagram marketing campaign is engagement from the audience. For that, the audience needs to be genuine and engaging. If you think getting a bunch of paid followers will help your business, you are wrong. I myself run an Instagram account. I get tons of messages claiming ‘this is the best place to buy Cheap Instagram Followers‘ offering 1000s of followers for a low amount. Initially, it might seem attractive with an increased follower count for only a few bucks but trust me, it’s no good. The followers are either bots or dormant accounts and don’tĀ contribute to engagement on your posts.

So, keep on posting original and engaging content and follower count will automatically start to increase. Those followers will also be dedicated, passionate and most importantly, engaging. But in the beginning, getting good followers is difficult unless you have some following already. For this time period, you canĀ buy instagram followers till the time you are ready to attract some good audience organically.

Stories and Live Videos

Instagram offers unique ways of sharing content such as Stories and Live Videos. Make use of these features. According to the recorded data, accounts which use stories are shown to have more reach and engagement from its followers. Instagram also promotes the accounts using their new features in order to show it to more and more people. It’s a win-win situation.


If you are a new account, getting a shout-out from an already established Instagram account can do wonders to kick-start your account. But don’t depend on it for the long term as the audience is a derivative one and not an organic one. Its better than the paid followers but not quite good as organic followers. Followers gained using this method can be converted into engaging followers but it all depends on your content.

So, these were the 5 Instagram Strategy Tips to promote your business on Instagram and take it to new heights. Also, it all takes time. Like anything worthwhile, you cannot expect results overnight. Keep posting good content and gradually results will start to show.

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