3 Most Well Designed Android Games of All Time

3 Most Well Designed Android Games of All Time

People love playing android games on their phones. Be it kids, adults or old people, games have their own charm that people love.

So far, numerous android games have been released on the app store. While some become extremely popular and editor’s choice, some lose the battle in the run. So what do you think make some games popular while others not?


Good marketing is the answer to every query and the sale. If you have promoted your game sufficient enough on various social media platforms, app store and various websites, then your game would witness high visibility. This would lead to the success of the marketing campaign and, in turn, increase in the sales of the game.

Along with the marketing, the design of the game is also important. Marketing will only help in getting the game downloaded but along with email verification, downloads are done a lot safer. Regardless of marketing, if the design is not good, people will instantly uninstall the game as well. So a good design matters a lot in the long term success of the game.

Here we will talk about some of the highly well designed android games ever made.


Need for Speed has been the highly loved video game of all time. And replicating that on android has been the best thing ever done. This game gives the thrill which no other game has been successful so far. The action here is loved by all age groups. No matter what kind of genre you usually play, Need For Speed will make you addicted to the game in fraction of seconds.

After all, who doesn’t love racing!

Candy Crush

I am sure every one of you would have definitely played this amazing game. Over the course of time, this game had taken number one position all over the world. And the graphics and design was the main attractive feature of this game. The way you crushed the candies and the way they got crushed was fascinating to watch.

Even today, there are many people who continue to play this game and keep crossing levels. It is still popular among all the new generation people who have just started using the smart phones.

Pokemon Go

Do you still recall how people went mad behind this game when it was released? Pokemon has been the most loved cartoons of every kid. So this game was meant to attract attention. But the fact that people continued to play this game even after so long, itself tell the fact how beautifully this game has been designed.

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