5 Must-Have Android Apps for a Web Designer

Apps have revolutionalised the way we spend our time. They have become an important part of our lives. Be it any field of our life, apps have become an indispensable part of our lives. From games to productivity to news, you name it and there is an app for it. Web Design is no different. There are a number of apps out there at the disposal of a Web Designer. Today, we are going to talk about 5 must-have apps for a Web Designer.

Here, I am talking about Android Apps since I have not verified if these apps exist in the App Store (go on, call me lazy) but if these are available for iPhone, Hurray !!

So, let’s begin –

  1. Color Grab

    The Fundamental requirement for Designing anything, let alone a Website, is choosing a color palette. It is an underrated yet the most important part involved in the construction of a Website and inspiration for choosing a color palette can come from anywhere. With Color Grab, you can find inspiration for your next project literally from anywhere. Just point the camera of your phone anywhere and find out the colors in that image. Be it a landscape, a photograph, a scenery or anyhing, just point your camera and prepare your color palette.

    Get it here

  2. WhattheFont

    Typography plays an important role in deciding the tone of the website. Deciding on Fonts can be sometimes pretty hard. There a ton of online resources available for selecting the fonts such as Google Fonts for your next project but sometimes, you come across a poster or pamphlet and the font catches your instant attention but there is no way to know what font that is. Here comes What the Font to the rescue, just click a pic of that poster and What the Font will tell you the fonts used in that image. Pretty neat if you ask me!

    Get it here

  3. DCodr

    Ok, I agree coding is not something that you can do on a mobile phone. The experience is just not the same. But what if you are going on about your daily business and suddenly a brilliant design concept strikes your mind and you just have to try it but don’t have access to your Laptop ( or PC, your choice ). You can often face this problem if you are dealing with websites like sexannonser.eu. DCoder fills that void. Although, it is not that useful when you have to create heavy-duty software but is a really great tool test out various code snippets and design concepts on-the-go.

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  4. Snapmod

    Creating Responsive Mockup of websites in mobile was never this easy! Snapmod takes the screenshot of your website and places it inside the mobile device of your choice to provide a classic website screenshot in a mobile. Out of all these apps, this is my favourite. Really makes your life easy when a mobile mockup is required. In 2021, web development can be attributed to best practive in terms of business model alignment and overall strategy with your website development. Coding the website to fit the client’s needs is not only reactive but must include creative as well as professional input.

    Get it here

  5. Wireflow

    Again, it is not ideal to create wireframes and prototypes on a mobile but wireflow offers a neat way of creating wireframes and design concepts on mobiles. It proves really useful when discussing a website design concept with a client when a laptop or PC is not in reach.

    Get it here

So, here is my list of 5 must-have apps for Web Designers. This list, by no means, is exhaustive and there are a ton of other apps which make the life of a Web Designer easy. I listed the ones that I have found the most useful. I would definitely like some suggestions!

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