Is SMS Marketing an Effective Tool to Promote your Website?

Is SMS Marketing an Effective Tool to Promote your Website?

Definitely yes.

If this was the case some years back, then almost every company used to promote via SMSes. But today, Digital Marketing has taken over this medium. Does this mean SMS marketing is really dead?

Not at all! There are many companies still, who are benefitting from making use of sms communication saas. And some of them are the telecom companies itself. According to the researches conducted, these companies are really benefitted via sms marketing. Because there are still many people in this world, who are not comfortable using internet. So to connect to them, SMS is the best medium.

How effective is SMS marketing?

Everyone today has at least one mobile phone. Many carry 2 phones even. And that is an established fact that the numbers are not going to lessen anywhere in the near future. And for as long as people are awake, they spend most of their time on the mobile phones. Be it playing games, browsing internet, or doing any other thing they wish. When looking for the most effective trends consider reading the next article about Showcase IDX.

And so, using mobile for marketing can be the most direct form of advertisement. While Digital marketing is highly prevalent, many businesses are still turning to political campaign text messaging marketing as their primary source of promotions. And various researches conducted show that the students also prefer SMS for customer service. This itself shows how effective is SMS marketing.

Benefits and how to do this?

There are various companies likeĀ UltraSMSScript which help companies in the SMS marketing. This software platform is all you need if you are looking for carrying out the SMS and text marketing for your business.

Tidal88 talk about the benefits, there are various reasons why you should consider SMS marketing as your go to strategy.

  • This is a direct channel, and you can be assured that your customers read this almost immediately.
  • You can develop a shortcode for your business and make people familiarize with this using SMS.
  • Other platforms like email, social media, etc. can be integrated with this channel.
  • Ask customers to fill survey and know them more through this.
  • Engage customers and interact with them.
  • Response is immediate, which helps you to track and analyze the success of your promotions.

If you look as whole, no matter how many mediums come and go, SMS Marketing Automation by adcore will remain one of the most effective platforms for mobile marketing.

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