Offering Value Using Tables

Comparison tables have been around online for many years but these days they are used more and more and are a great visual way to communicate information to readers so they can quickly summarize your content. In a day and age where people value their time so highly it’s foolishly to not illustrate your broad conclusions using a table. Tables are free and easy to use and many no cost WP plugins will have you off to the races in providing your own comparisons tables.

There are hordes of wonderful and useful examples of using a good comparison tables to communicate both large and small differences between products and services.

One such highly unique example using tables is the popular, original adult webcam reviews site. This is an aggregate collection of first-hand experiences documented with reviews about each nude webcams user experience. What the author is effectively done is make a list of all the top video chat sites for adults and then shared both the highlights of each site and Link the full reviews from within the table making it easy for reading at a quick glance.

This is the goal when you’re using tables. Tables are great way to communicate information quickly and easily to readers to make a decision. Whether that’s to follow a link or dive deeper into your information and content is for the reader to decide. However, in the age where content is King, finding new and creative ways to present that content is really important.

One of the best plugins to use for creating tables is table press. TablePress plug-in is free and available in the wordpress plugins repository. Not only is it free, that’s also got four star reviews and has been rated by more than 4,000 users with an average of 3 out of 4 stars. This makes it one of the most popular plugins and probably the most popular of all time when it comes to tables. Likewise it works with the most recent Guttenberg updates. There is even an extension to make the tables display in a different format on mobile.

That said there’s lots of great plugins that send message to create tables or your sites whether you are using WordPress or any other content management system. The same goes if you’re manually coding websites. Definitely consider the benefits for both you and the reader if using tables for your content.

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