How can Websites like 123Movies exist legally?

For several years now, 123Movies has been one of the most browsed and loved websites for watching entertainment related content. Though the original website has shut its operations now, many other websites like 123movies have come up on the internet. And they are banking heavily on the success of original 123movies website.

On these kind of websites, users can watch their favorite movies and television shows. Their database is huge, and they allow people to have a gala time with their friends and family. Most of the times, all the latest movies that are released in the theatres, also appear on such websites very soon. More often than not, sometimes it also happens that the movies are leaked here earlier than they release in theatres.

But how are they existing even today?

According to the rules and regulations worldwide, piracy is banned. Penalties arise when someone tries to violate that. So how has 123movies been able to survive?

How they exist legally

There are many websites like¬†123movies¬†which are ruling the internet. One major reason why these websites are not getting penalties is because they are not directly breaking any laws. These websites exist because they don’t host anything by themselves.

Though a user can watch free online movies anytime they want on these websites, the movies are not actually hosted on the website’s server. That being said, they are not breaking any laws, hence are able to exist legally.

But then where does all the data (movies and TV shows) come from?

The content that is added on these websites is provided by third parties, which are not the affiliated partners of the websites. This enables them to show the content to the users with ease. It is also a plus point for the users since they can watch the content without having to register on the website.

Another major reason why these companies survive easily is because they are mostly hosted overseas. That protects them from shutting down and keep entertaining the users.

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