How to remove white background from image?

Have you ever wondered about the removal of white background from an image?

People who work in designing or photography field face a lot of difficulty in getting the image with the right background, however, you might consider Zenith Clipping which is a Clipping path service provider company in Bangladesh. They offer the best quality clipping paths. They are a well-reputed top-ranked image editing company serving since 2010.

If you are one such individual who is dealing with this kind of problem then you should stop worrying about it. There are plenty of ways available which could be used to remove white background from an image to make it suitable to use for the required purpose. In this post, we have enlisted the ways which one could opt for to remove white background from an image:


One of the ways to remove white background from an image and replace it with the desired one can be done with the help of powerpoint. After inserting the white background image in powerpoint, click on the image and select ‘remove background’ under “File.” Then, you need to click on the mark areas which you want to keep and the other ones which you want to remove from the image. After implementing these steps, you need to click at the outside area of the image and then save it to keep it with a transparent background. If you’re looking for a winning PowerPoint Design solution, try Convinced.


Photoshop is another tool which one could use to remove the unwanted white background from the image. There are a wide number of methods available in photoshop software which could effectively help to remove the white background from the image. For images with straight edges, Polygonal Lasso method could be used. And for images with round edges, The Quick Selection Method would be required to do the job. And if the edges of the image requires more precision then you could simply go for the Brush method.

Other Options

If you are not comfortable with the above methods, then it is important for you to look for online image editing tools. You can go for an effective background removal service available online to get the desired results. This would help you to remove the white image background in an easy manner without making you feel uncomfortable.

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