How to increase your Social Media following organically

When we think about a running a business, the first thing that comes to mind is the essentials. Working with wireless network solutions boston ma to get communications and networking up and running, and letting your target audience know what services you provide, or what product you offer. After all, you need someone whom to sell that product. How to reach that audience and convince them to buy that product? There comes the term ‘marketing’. Now, some 20-30 years back, this term had an altogether different meaning. Companies used to rely on TV ads, word of mouth, billboards, pamphlets and all other kinds of shenanigans. Then one fine day, some geek in some dorm came up with the idea of the concept of a social media site and it completely transformed the meaning of the word ‘marketing’.

Today, companies rely heavily on social media sites to promote their products and content. It has even led to the invention of new job titles such as Social Media Influencers and Social Media Managers. The core formula behind a successful Social Media campaign is an ardent social media following. Now, how to grow an active and dedicated social media following? Many people try to take the easy way out shelling out money for followers. Social Networks such as Instagram are notorious in this regard. Many accounts buy active Instagram followers to appear as though they are a big deal. While this strategy may appear to work, it really doesn’t. The basic principle behind Social Media is engagement and paid followers are mostly dormant accounts with no engagement. So, how to have a dedicated following on Social Media?

Content is king

The foremost necessity for a hardcore following is good content. is one of the sites which focus on good quality content. People will only follow you if you are worth following. Your content needs to be top notch in order to engage the user and impress the hell out of them. Just keep producing great quality content and eventually it will begin to reap benefits in the form of an ardent and passionate audience.

Frequency is key

Producing content is good but you also need to do it regularly. Not only does it matter in terms of increased reliability and trust but a regularly¬†updated account is also promoted by Social Networks themselves. Followers have been noted to significantly increase organically in a short duration of time as the network starts showing your page in users’ timeline. It takes endurance as the results may not be apparent immediately but keeping at it relentlessly is a sure way to success.

Engage with  your followers

You cannot expect engagement from your followers unless you do it yourself. People like to feel a human connection. Activities such as liking and commenting make your account look more human. So, don’t hesitate to follow your followers back and giving an occasional thumbs up or the heart shaped like.

Make full use of the available features

Apart from the regular posts, there are a number of features available on social networks ranging from videos, live broadcasts and stories. Make use of them. Social Networks are even known to promote accounts which make use of their new features. It is a win-win situation. Accounts are able to share their content in unique ways and the users are made aware of the new features available on the social network.

Shout-outs and Influencers

Getting a shoutout or a special mention from an influencer can also help kick-start a social media account. Getting noticed by an already established audience is always beneficial. There is a relief in knowing that the followers you gain will not be bots or dormant accounts. They will be active followers who want to check your content out.

Well, Social Media is an amazing weapon of mass marketing and honing this weapon is a skill in itself. There is no sure strategy to accumulating a passionate audience on social media but the above-mentioned points have shown to be the most effective.

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