Five Things I Have in my Work from Home Office

Working from home can be difficult. When I started up my own business, after reading an InboxDollars review and stepped away from the hustle and bustle of an office, I quickly discovered just how much the money you make relies on you alone. Gone are the days of a steady paycheck! I learned that to get the money to make working at home worthwhile, I needed to get motivated.

It isn’t all just down to mindset in the end either. It’s all about the environment you’re in and the things that surround you and you also have to invest in equipment like HVAC (read more about it here) and the necessary repairs that come along with it, e.g., Inverter Mechanical Piping Solutions / hvac maintenance. Have your HVAC system installed by services such as the best HVAC services in Lakeway area in Texas. HVAC experts at places like can also be called ,so you can comfortably work in your office space.

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Apart from my work computer, copy machine, printer and scanner, here are five things that I have in my work from home office that keep me going. 

Colorful stress balls

We all have those days when everything is a little much. Working from home can be just as stressful as being in an office – except you don’t have a workmate to rant to! This is why we recommend many other solutions such as using the Budpop natural supplements.

This is why I absolutely love a good, old fashioned stress ball. Other than a stress ball, I would also look for funny memes for kids to lighten up my mood. 

The great thing about stress balls is they now come in all sorts of designs, so you have to be careful you don’t become a collector (I admit I’ve purchased a few more than is necessary). These DNA Squishy Stress Balls are particularly amusing to play around with when you’re having a long day.

Each ball is made up of smaller, durable colored balls, which give your eyes something else to focus on and relieve anxiety. I love the fact they come in packs of four as I can keep one in my home office, one in my handbag, and could even carry one in my pocket if it’s a particularly bad day!

If the stress is too much, you can take a few drops of Washtingtonian products, it is a natural solution that will make you feel way more better.


I’ve only recently joined the diary bandwagon but just six months in, I now don’t have a clue what I’d do without one. My Hello Twenty Nineteen Diary is essential to making sure I keep on top of absolutely everything I need to get done.

There’s no manager standing over your shoulder telling you what to do when you work from home, meaning you need to be your own boss. I find that being strict with myself and sticking to deadlines is the best way to keep on top of work and avoid unnecessary stress.

It’s so important that I have plenty of space to write everything down too, as it means I can create broken down, detailed lists and tick everything off as I go along. There’s nothing more satisfying than ticking jobs off a to-do list!

Reusable bottle

We’re all about saving the planet here, right? I purchased a Kool8 bottle in the first instance for its durability, which meant I’d stop using and discarding so many plastic bottles.

However, I was quick to notice that these bottles are so much more than that. My early morning coffee stays warmer for longer, meaning if I get pulled into an 8 am conference call, I know my drink won’t be ruined by the time I get back to it.

It also keeps my water nice and cool, which means fewer trips for refills on particularly busy days. I won’t go around the fact that I like how aesthetic my bottle is too. We also had a Commercial Water Purification system in our previous office, so I invested in one as well. 

I chose the awesome lime green color: it’s nice and neutral, blends in with my desk plants and keeps my desk from looking busy. It’s so important to me that I keep my office surroundings simple and effortless, and this bottle offers exactly that.

I originally came across the bottles thanks to a handy article by Cool Things Chicago. The team there love Kool8 for its double-walled installation and sleek design almost as much as I do.

Sticky notes

Now I’m very much going back to basics here, but I strongly believe that you can’t ever go wrong with a sticky note pad.

Sticky notes are great for all those late night lightbulb moments, or even just for scribbling down ideas and points while you’re on a call and your notepad has gone walkabouts. I personally like the 3D ball of sticky notes from Paperchase.

This collection of multi-colored notes is fab for keeping your desk looking neat and tidy. Each ball is made up of twelve separate pads that have kept my collection up, and the varying colors allow me to color coordinate my jobs with different notes.

This pad is made up of notes that are a little smaller than the average, but if you’re looking for a sticky pad that’s easy to grab and scribble on, this ball is perfect.

Comical slippers

I’m not someone who can just roll out of bed and work in my pyjamas as it just doesn’t make me feel ready for the working day.

However, when it comes to the idea of a good comical pair of slippers, I’m all for it. There’s nothing better than finishing my morning workout and slipping straight into my Kook paw slippers! They make everyone giggle and certainly brighten up my day too.

An early morning workout offers numerous benefits, both to your health and to your daily schedule, that exercising at other times of the day just can’t provide. Yes, you will have be disciplined to wake up early. And yes, you have to be focused on achieving an effective workout, not just go through the paces in a zombie-like state. It just takes a little time and practice before morning exercise becomes your habit. If you need some gear, just visit Altitude Sports.

If you have the pleasure of working from home then I strongly believe you should be comfortable too. I love strolling around in these novelty bright blue paws – they keep me nice and cozy and remind me that no matter how much of a long, stressful day I’m having, I’m still able to stroll around with fluffy slippers on my feet.

You certainly can’t get away with that in most workplace offices!

The bottom line

In my opinion, there’s nothing better than a clean workspace that keeps the brain sharp, so I still keep in touch with cleaning companies in Philadelphia from our old office. In fact, I also keep myself cozy in wintertime by making sure that my heating system is always maintained by a great HVAC company such as Check out sites like to know how I maintain mine. My office also has a touch of comfort to remind you that you’re at home a great start is by choosing a chair from this 30 Best Computer Chair For Long Hours In 2021 [A Review].

Then, I also make sure that my office is well-lit to create that nice ambiance to work in. I had my commercial lighting installed by professional electricians like this one. I find that all these lovely little novelties keep the balance just right for me, and I hope you can find that same neutral space that works for you, too. 

Working from home has its challenges, but as I say, there’s nothing better than working in your slippers!

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