3 Tips for Designing your own Challenge Coins

Challenge coins are the best when you have to boost the morale of your workers or employees. Handing them out the challenge coins means you value them and that they have done a great job. You should also very much consider giving your employees perks or rewards too as they are shown to motivate staff brilliantly. We use one of the top employee benefits platforms and it works superbly, so have a look there for a very simple solution.

But instead of going with the challenge coins you can find in the market, wouldn’t it be better if you can design them on your own. It would mean extra special to your employees, when you will put special efforts to value them. So here are some tips using which you can design your own challenge coins.

2 Sides of the coin

There are 2 sides of a coin. So make use of both the sides when you are designing your own challenge coin. Many people go for same designs on both side. While it brings a lot of symmetry, taking different designs for both sides is much more valuable. So make the 2 sides different, depending upon the theme of the event for which you are giving out the coins.

On one of the sides, you can put the logo of your company, and on the other side, you can put out the event in question.

Take Help

You might not be perfect in designing challenge coins. So it is a great option if you take help or ask for support from other websites such as GS-JJ.com. Here you can find numerous designs which can become an amazing help in designing your own challenge coins. If you don’t want to design at all, you can check such websites where you will always find good challenge coins for sale.

These websites are much more experienced in this task, and can provide with excellent quality coins that would boost the morale of your employees.

Material and Color

The material and color of the challenge coin plays a very important role in designing a perfect challenge coin for your employees. Choose the material which would complement your brand and company. Similarly, the color you select for your challenge coin must complement your brand logo and your event theme.

In many cases, a simple coin is sufficiently fine, such as when you are giving them to the best employee of the month. But when you are giving the challenge coins after a certain event, then taking care of material and color become much more important.

These few tips will guide you perfectly to design your own challenge coin and make your employees happy.

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