Can Twitter overtake Facebook as the Best Social network?

We have several social media platforms today, including private social network, peer to peer social networking, etc., which serve different purposes and different needs. Two of those platforms are Twitter and Facebook. Both of these have different approaches and are currently highly viral. Facebook happens to be a highly visited and successful networking website. Twitter on the other hand is far down the road when it comes to traffic ranking. However, it is imminent that Twitter will soon overtake Facebook and be the champion in the game of social networking for several reasons.

Not only did the creator Mark Zuckerberg admit that Facebook is gradually losing its charm with teens, but recent studies also prove the same. What is the reason behind such evaluation? Let’s take a look.

You can connect with others easily 

Twitter gives you the chance to add followers with great ease. One click will show you the number of followers a person has and by simply reading a Tweet, you can determine whether or not you want to follow them. And, often as a custom your followers start following you. This creates endless connecting opportunities amidst the respective followers. To follow someone in Twitter you don’t really need to know that person. Facebook clearly lacks this.

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You aren’t concerned about your security 

There is a huge difference between Twitter and Facebook when it comes to security. Twitter users don’t have privacy and security concerns because you can only post one photo or an icon or a representative image. Your personal bio and image will be very short. On the other hand, Facebook gives you every permission to share any form of personal information with the world.

The user-friendly interface 

The interface Twitter uses couldn’t be anymore easier to use. The mini or micro posts or quick hit posts, one glance at the Tweets and that’s it, you are done. Facebook is extremely cluttered and heavy on users. A plethora of applications, advertisements, photos, information feeds, and so on will leave the user wondering what to see and what to leave out. Users today find the information shared on Facebook way too much to take. One can never leave Facebook after a quick glance.

Although the community in Twitter is extraordinarily active, Facebook continues to have a huge membership. Eventually, Twitter will be used even more, and it will continue to grow at a faster pace. Facebook is undoubtedly a great social media platform, but Twitter is becoming more viral.

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