5 MS Excel Functions you should know about

If you are in the field of computers, or have any work that you have to do on your laptop, then you must know some basic MS Office tools. Be it Powerpoint, Word or Excel, these are the most powerful tools that come handy in most of the cases. Then, getting a free screen recorder for windows 10 is always a good idea for those working on a computer.

One such tool that we will discuss here is MS Excel. Visit gigarefurb.co.uk if you are looking for the best refurbished computers uk online.

Excel has many functionalities that make your task super easy. Any complex query or answer that you need to find from truck loads of data, Excel can easily do that for you. Even though you don’t have to learn any function by heart, since you can find everything manually as well. But Excel functions have many plus points. To name a few,

  • They save you time
  • Some answers cannot be calculated manually when data is very huge. Functions can do that for you.
  • They make your task super easy.

And so much more. Not just functions, you can also use any popular Excel dashboard template to make nice and smooth presentations.

In this article, we will have a look at 5 most helpful functions that come handy almost every time.


This is the most basic and usually the very first function you learn, when you start operating Excel. This function helps you calculate the sum of all cells that are selected. For example, “=Sum(A1:A6)” will calculate sum of all numbers given in cells A1, A2, A3, A4, A5, A6.


Just like previous function, this function calculates the average of all the numbers given in selected cells. It is helpful in cases when you have, let’s say, your monthly earnings over the last 1 year. This function would calculate the average monthly earning of that year for you.


Sometimes when you copy text from anywhere else into your Excel sheet, numerous extra white spaces are added in the cell. This function helps you eliminate those extra spaces only. Trim works only for 1 cell, unlike previous functions which work on multiple cells at once.


Sometimes, a person needs to know the length of characters in a given cell. This function does exactly that for you. Len helps you find out number of characters in a given cell, including the white spaces.


Do you have a mix of data in your sheet? That includes numbers, dates, text, and so on. Now what if you want to know how many cells have numbers in them? Are you going to count manually? Not needed at all! Count function helps you know how many cells have numbers, out of the chosen range of cells.

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