What is a Registered Agent?

Where to Look for a registered agent might be easier answered than you think! Let’s take a look:

Why Does my Company Need a Registered Agent?

What is a Registered Agent? Registered agents jobs are to keep company documents organized and ready to go. They receive mail and communicate with the government on your company’s behalf. They would notify you whenever something comes in that needs to be taken care of as well as send information or forms off that you need done. It is their job to keep you as a company up to date with compliance records and more as well as keeping your documents safe. It is important to have a designated person for all of your communications, especially the more important ones like from the government or other legal entities.

For the finances of your business, there is nothing better than having a ndis plan management to manage everything related to this important aspect of your company. Every company should also consider having an indianapolis workers compensation lawyer for many reasons.

Where do I find one?

Virtually anyone can be a registered agent for your company. This can even be the business owner themselves, though depending on the company or an expert lawyer like Robert K Bratt This role can be assigned to someone in the company like a manager or even an employee. A new company may be more likely to choose this option, though they should consider carefully the task they are asking. If an employee or manager does this job, their name and address will be public information. They will not be able to regularly leave the job site during the work day, and they will have to keep the company organized on top of any other daily tasks they have. The company can also decide to hire someone from an outside source to do the work. Going this route does cost a fee, but can take a significant amount of burden off the business owner or company. A registered agent service is going to prioritize filing and organizing your documents differently because it is their sole job rather than someone at your own company who may have a lot of other responsibilities.

Though anyone can be a registered agent, it may be best to find someone who is not only in the same state as your company, but nationally registered. A nationally registered company will be well versed in compliance management, document management, availability, and coverage. The company being nationally recognized will only help because this is their business that they practice in likely every state. This will help ensure that your work is being taken care of and done properly. There will likely be a lot less chance of mistakes or misplacing documents if a company uses a nationally registered agent who does only this.

Registered Agent Services

There are many companies that can provide registered agent services, but here are some in the US who can do the job and do it well. First is a company called Incfile Registered Agent. Incfile resides in Houston, TX and was established in 2004. They’ve made a reputation for themselves as one of the best companies to use and offer some of the lowest rates on the market. They also offer extra services for business owners who want to take advantage of that. Incfile offers one free year of registered agent services as well as no fee for LLC formation. After that, they charge $119 annually to continue their services.

Another company that can provide registered agent services is ZenBusiness Registered Agent. ZenBusiness also runs out of Texas but offers services in most states. The company also offered extra services depending on your company’s needs including a worry free guarantee for things like your company’s annual report. ZenBusiness will scan and upload all important documents and regularly notify the company of compliance needs or other communications. They offer LLC formation and one year of registered agent services for only $39. After the first year it is $99 annually to continue their service.

A website called TRUiC has a lot of information you might need on registered agents including frequently asked questions and advice on choosing the right agent. They can assist in all questions or concerns related to choosing a registered agent for your company. Visit their website for more information https://howtostartanllc.com/what-is-a-registered-agent.

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