What are Surgical Templates and why are they getting popular in Surgical Implantology?

Surgical templates are accessories made of polymer/polyester resin (visit https://shop.plasticmaterials.net/category/polyester to know more) that is used for effective and minimally invasive implantation. These are created according to an individual patient on the basis of an impression and scan as per the current conditions in the oral cavity. Surgical templates are biocompatible with oral tissues and help to assist the dentist during the implant placements in the jaw. Similarly to how invisalign helps you straighten teeth rather non-invasively and with cosmetics in mind, these implants are difficult to discern from the real thing, and can be especially helpful for teeth have been extensively damaged by severe gingivitis, dental caries, and even periodontal disease. In addition to this, they are used to perform the implant in a pre-defined manner to carry out it in a successful manner. There are many other benefits of surgical templates because of which they are getting highly popular in Surgical implantations. Some of the benefits of surgical templates are mentioned below:

  • Embedded in Planned Manner¬†– Due to the use of surgical templates, it is possible to embed the implant in accordance with the bone anatomy of an individual patient and according to the prosthetic plan. Hence, due to this, it prevents the situations of taking vital decisions regarding the angle and depth of a hole to be made in the tissue.
  • No Need to Cut the Gingiva – Another benefit of using the surgical templates is that there is no need to cut the gingiva in order to access the operating field. Only by performing transabdominal drilling, it is possible to carry out the procedure in a minimally invasive manner. The dentists at the dental clinic in Poland (Dentysta Gliwice)¬†make use of these accessories in order to carry out the surgical implantation in a successful manner.
  • Acts as a Guide for Dentists – With the help of the surgical templates, it is possible to insert the drill into the tissue as per the photos, 3D simulations, and models made earlier. Hence, it acts as a guide to dentists, like dental crown canberra, to carry out the drilling work in accordance with their predetermined plan.
  • Possible to Put Prosthetic Crown on the Implant with Immediate Effect – Due to the use of surgical templates, it is possible to immediately put the prosthetic crown on the implant. This ensures the proper insertion of a prosthetic crown which prevents the conditions of distortion or fracture in teeth.

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