These Web Design Trends Will Help Your Casino Site Stand Out from the Crowd

Some people like to say that looks are not important in life, but for some things, it is safe to say that looks are very important. For example, when it comes down to web design, you cannot ignore what your website looks like. In the online gambling industry, the way your website looks could be the difference between getting people to sign up or losing them to another competitor. Below we will take a look at great web design trends that online casino owners should consider adding to their sites, since there are some great Casinos online and you can use services as to affiliate to these Casinos and make money as well.


Micro Animation

As the name suggests, micro animations are tiny animations. However, small, in this case, does not mean insignificant. Micro animations are very helpful when it comes to helping your visitors to navigate through your website. They also add a bit of playfulness to your website, which can help to brighten the mood of your visitors. When it comes to sites such as online casinos, a gambler in a good is one that is more likely to spend money. Check out these casino slot machines to keep winning.

Organic Shapes

In 2019, geometric shapes were all the rage when it came to website design trends, but now it all about those organic shapes. What is an organic shape? Well, it is a shape that does not have a straight line. Just think of the shapes that you will be able to find in nature. Think of hills, for example, or the way a river’s edges are winding and asymmetrical. 

Organic shapes are a great web design trend as they can break up sections of the site without the designer having to use angles or harsh lines. They also fit in very well when they are put into the background.

Bold Colors

You should always include bold and bright colors on your website as this helps to draw peoples’ attention. Let’s say that you own an online casino and you have no bold or bright colors on your homepage. If a potential new customer enters your website and sees nothing but dark and gloomy colors, do you think that they are going to stick around for long? We do not think that we need to give you the answer to this question. However, it is very important that you use bold and bright colors in moderation. The last thing that you want to do is blind someone as soon as they enter your site and that’s why using the professional services of Omaha web design can make all the difference for your site.

Colors to Evoke Particular Moods

When we come across particular colors, we will often start to think about particular things. This is the reason why you will regularly find the colors purple, red, and orange at online casinos that you visit. The color purple is associated with wealth and mystery, the color red is often associated with emotions such as excitement and passion, while the color orange is often associated with enthusiasm and attention.

Bright colors stimulate our brains and help to improve our short-term memory and attention span. If you have an online casino then you really should use these colors when promoting your games, adverts, bonuses, and promotions.

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Smart Videos

When it comes to websites, it is safe to save that people love engaging with videos. In fact, it is not too far-fetched to say videos are one of the most effective tools for online marketing. However, the video needs to be thought out well, which is where smart video comes into play. Back in the day, you would just embed a YouTube video onto your site, but those days, we are afraid, are long gone. At the end of the day, one high quality video that has been very well thought out is much better than twelve that have been assembled haphazardly.

Bold Text

When you buy a newspaper, you will find that the most eye-catching words are placed above the fold as a means to increase sale figures. The equivalent to this on a website can be found at the very top of the page and it is known as the “hero section”. A good web design trend to catch the attention of visitors is to put eye-catching text in the hero section instead of a background image. Something that is bold and unique could work perfectly when it comes to quickly getting the attention of your visitors.

Hand Drawings

When it comes to choosing images for a website, the majority of website owners will go for high resolution images or stunning photography. However, you should think about including some hand drawn images. Why is this? Well, the short answer to this question is that hand drawings are charming and help to give a more human feel to the site. Hand drawings can ooze personality and help you to stand out from the crowd – something that you need in such a competitive industry. 

How the Site Looks on Mobile is Key

Nowadays, it is not an exaggeration to say that more people are gambling on their mobile phones than they are on their desktop devices. Therefore, it is very important that you create your online gambling website that has mobile users in mind. If your online casino site is not mobile friendly at all, then you can be certain that you will lose a lot of your current customers as well as potential customers.

What is it that makes a site mobile friendly? Well, mobile users will be looking for a mobile site that is easy on the eye and is also easy to navigate. To add to this, the mobile site needs to load quickly.  If there are any issues with your mobile casino site, then it will not go down at all well with your players – an unhappy customer is one that will not be sticking around for any length of time.

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