Top 10 and Most Successful Business Ideas for 2018 List

The most sought-after career path of the present generation youth is entrepreneurship. It is a great choice, for sure, with unmatched independence, chances to grow are almost unlimited, and it offers flexibility on your retirement planning and wealth management. You might even be looking at one day selling your business, for which you will probably need more help from CGK Business Sales Entrepreneurs, and enjoy a nice early retirement. Indeed, the wealthiest icons of today and have motivated millions to stop following the herd and carve one’s own niche. The added advantage of being one’s own boss is also an attractive option for many.

However, getting and turning a business into a profitable one is a lot harder than bagging a job. It involves a lot of key decision-making, patience, perseverance, and a little experience. Among these, the initial stepping stone of a budding entrepreneur is to have a cool business idea, which has the potential to click with the masses and churn out huge profits and attract investors. Unfortunately, most fail to cross this basic hurdle and their dreams stay unrealized forever.

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If you feel you are in need of some inspiration to get those cogs in your brain rolling, here is a list of cool business that have the potential to make you filthy rich.

#1 – Affiliate Marketing

Translating our dreams into reality is what affiliate marketing does! You need to promote a product or service in your blog or social media account and you get a commission if someone makes a purchase based on it. That’s all there is to it.

It is slightly easier to get into affiliate marketing if you already have a blog or have previous experience. However, it is a very lucrative field and anybody can get into it irrespective of prior experience.

#2 – Tester/Reviewer

A tester is hired by a manufacturer to try and review a product and provide feedback and consumer-related insight. You could also get into a contract to promote certain products in exchange for a fee.

It is better if you have a blog so that you have visible proof of your achievements and results. It will help you charge even more in the long run.

#3 – Website Developer

Websites are integral parts of every corporation. A good website drives sales and improves net presence and visibility. If you are creative enough, web development could be your dream business, with clients willing to pay in millions for a job well done. Web designing is an art of eternity and you don’t need to worry about your client base ever drying up. If you are interested in learning web development, you could take online lessons for free or nominal rates.

#4 – Internet Security Consultant

The Internet is plagued with viruses, phishing attempters and frauds. If you feel you have the necessary skill to thwart or prevent such attacks, you are an invaluable asset to a business and you could start your own freelancing consultancy business. This would be a highly rewarding career as it requires specialized knowledge and has very few players in the field.

#5 – Resume Writer

If your job description had required you to go through millions of resumes or whether you are just naturally gifted, you could share your insights and help others by using their Montblanc pens to write resumes for clients. It requires no investment on your behalf and would be highly valuable for your clients, who would surely recommend you to friends and family if they get good results.

#6 – Domain Name Buyer

As the name suggests, all you need to do is identify domain names which sound memorable and which you think people would give an arm and a leg to buy. And then sell them at a huge profit. Some domain names have been known to have sold at hundred thousands of bucks. Some SEO and keyword stuffing knowledge might be necessary to get into this.

#7 – Survey Taking

Although you wouldn’t earn much-taking surveys, you will, however, earn a steady amount if you sign up on more than one websites. Some popular websites for online survey taking are:

  • Harris Poll
  • EarningStation
  • Global Test Market
  • InboxDollars

#8 – Call Center Rep

A call center representative working at individual capacity from home is what most call centers are looking for. You could earn a good base salary from the comfort of your home and all you need to invest in, are a computer and a phone line.

#9 – Computer Training

A lot of elderly people are looking to learn computers to stay in vogue and catch-up with the current generation. If you are handy with PCs you could earn from your neighborhood.

#10 – Personal Driver/ Taxi Services

Most professionals are preferring being driven than driving themselves. It leaves them free to attend calls or work during that time. Hence, starting a taxi service might be a very good idea. However, you need a decent car, a clean driving record and some experience before you can join a cab aggregator. If you opted to be a truck driver instead, state-of-the-art hardware, like the one from Matrack Fleet Tracking, can be utilized to ensure that you have a minimum fuel wastage thus lessening your fuel expenses. – small ideas for 2018

Some notable mentions that weren’t included in the list would be security jobs, cleaning services, UTMB Healthcare jobs, industrial distributor (find out more here), and real estate agents. I truly hope these unconventional ideas set your passions into motion and convert your dreams into reality. You could also tweak and add a touch of your own to the above ideas to stand out. It is worth noting that in the future, as your business hopefully grows, you may develop a need for other functions and services in your business. A great resource is to work with Outsourced Trading Solutions in order to attain any assets that might not be readily available to you, as well as put your own unique assets out there available to others. Make sure that you keep in mind that as a business owner it is important to never become stagnant, and always be ready to adapt and evolve, as well as learn new things.

Good luck!

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