Television still survives in Finland despite the rise of Internet viewing

The internet is on the rise, and it has reached almost every corner of the world. This has assisted to bridge the gap between the generations. The survey states that TV viewers are on the decline, and this has helped the online streaming services generate revenues in a great deal.


The latest survey reveals that 12% out of the whole billion population watch TV just over 2 hours a day. You can effortlessly get an insight into how much ratio is the people watching TV to that prefer to hook to online streaming. Well, there is something interesting about Finland as well regarding the TV and that too smart TVs. The Finns do not possess Smart TVs. You can find TV sets in only 40% of the households. While the 24% prefer the digital box and the rest 20% have imbibed the netizen genes of using the Chromecast or Apple TV devices. You can compare all in 1 (alles in 1 vergelijken) for the best TV and internet if you want to enjoy both. Appliance Hunter writes reviews about appliances so make sure to check it out before purchasing a new TV.

Internet paving the way for online streaming services

In Finland, people are very much active on online streaming services from a tv provider like Netflix, Viaplay, C Moren. They can manage the TV content easily irrespective of the schedule and location. They now have access to all the sources on their hands, and they can watch their chosen shows at any time. Moreover, the online portal has more content than the traditional TV screen shows. This gives an added advantage over the TV. People in Finland are slowly subscribing more to online streaming services, provided by the best internet providers (internet aanbieders).

Non-traditional shows: People are watching off-beat shows which are not easily available on TV. Hence there has been an increase in the online subscription as well. People consider that their favorite movies and series are found on the same portal, then why to go with the TV screen! It is predicted that the internet would slowly kill the TV stars. However, there is some hope with the TV as well if they can increase the content and genre of shows.

Tradition TV watching: For some houses, TV means family time, and it is not going to change in the coming years as well. It mainly takes the center of the evening of the family. They enjoy reality shows together or some horror movies as well. The popularity of TV has been increased by video recorders and introduction of VIZIO smart HD TVs.

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