New Zealand is all set to go ahead with the Credit Card Ban on Online Gambling

The New Zealand government is doing everything in its power to keep online gambling out of the country. It has strict laws on online casinos operating in its soil. But Sky City entertainment group is giving the government a run for its money. There has been a conflict of interest between the two groups. Sky City wanted to compete with online casinos in New Zealand.

The company wanted an online casino component like New Zealand casinos to partner with its Auckland land-based casino property. It wanted to do so because online gambling had a lot of scope in New Zealand and is new. But the government made it impossible to have any betting apps or online gambling companies with its base in New Zealand. But this did not stop Sky City.

They made use of the loophole in the law. And decided operating from the Maltese base. Now when the company is all set to launch its online gambling product in New Zealand the government wants to make it difficult for it.

DIA decided to ban the use of credit cards in online gambling. If this happens, it’s going to be utterly difficult for players to bet. . DIA Minister Tracey Martin spoke on behalf of  the government, saying the government was disappointed that the company was moving ahead with its plans. And she also talked about the concerns government has about the effects of online gambling on New Zealanders. They do however, continue to support online shopping and the use of credit among its population; go now and receive credit information if you have not done so.

It is clear by this step that the government wants to regulate gambling. And also wants to make the citizens aware about its possible risks and dangers.

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