Know The Inside of Your AMF Drink And Other Cocktails

If you like partying at a bar, which may have a noteworthy beverage catering, then cocktails aren’t something that you aren’t aware of. Names like Long Island Iced Tea, Tokyo Tea and AMF drink are bestsellers in the bar. Experts believe that before visiting a bar it’s best to do the homework about drinks so that the trip doesn’t go bad. Few minutes spent knowing your drinks can save you hours of a bad trip.

Know The Potency

First and foremost rule is to know the potency of a drink. Don’t just go by the name or look of the drink. The liqueur in it is the one that can change the game completely. For the uninitiated, liquor and liqueur are two separate entities with differences in taste. For cocktails mostly liqueur is used due to its sugary taste.

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Don’t Be Fooled By Sweetness

Downing shots is common. So, it is doing rounds and rounds of cocktails because of their amazing taste. Don’t be fooled by the sugary taste and remember the alcohol content in these drinks. Cocktails are created to conceal the alcohol percentage with sugar.

Difference Between Long Island Iced Tea, Tokyo Tea And Adios or AMF

First and foremost, none of these drinks has tea in them .Secondly,  all the three drinks are the same. All three of them are absolutely the same when it comes to composition and potency. The only difference between them is the color. All three of them contain about 22 percent of alcohol in them.

Making At Home

Ingredients for AMF drink are 1 ounce Sprite and 1 ounce sweet and sour mix with half ounce vodka (40-percent alcohol), half ounce gin (40-percent alcohol), half ounce white rum (40-percent alcohol), half ounce tequila (40-percent alcohol) and half ounce blue Curacao (24-percent alcohol).

Mix all this alcohol in a Collins glass with ice, soda and sweet and sour. Mix slowly and serve with a garnishing or lemon slice or a maraschino cherry. Your Amigos drink is ready. For Tokyo tea, replace  blue Curacao with Melon liqueur having the same alcohol percentage.

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