How To Protect Your Children Online?

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While the internet remains a bank of knowledge from which everyone can get informed, because of some of its contents, it has become a place you wouldn’t want your children to explore on their own. The question now becomes – how do I keep my children from getting exposed to these objectionable corners of the internet without depriving them of the knowledge they can actually obtain from it, since there are a lot of knowledge they can learn from computer programming to financial education with resources from sites like so they can take good decisions in the future.

Parental control is the solution, and it involves monitoring and censoring the content that your children access whenever they go online. While some mobile and computer operating systems may come with in-built parental control features, Avira Antivirus review comes with software designed solely to ensure the online safety of your children.

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Types of Parental Control Software on Avira

Content Control Software

This software is also known as web filter or censor software and is used to prevent your children from gaining access to disturbing contents and websites on the internet.

This software helps you control the content your children can view by blocking the websites you do not want your children to visit whenever they’re online. However, websites are not the only online features you get to censor for your children; you can also censor messengers, email contents, blog posts, chat platforms, and messages that appear without prior warnings.

While you cannot find any web filter software that gives you a perfect censoring of what your children access online, Avira’s Content Control Software has been tested and confirmed to do the job satisfactorily.

Supervisory Software

Also referred to as content monitoring software, this Avira software serves to keep watch over the things your children do on the internet.

With Avira’s Supervisory software, you do not have to worry about your children finding out that you’re monitoring them because the entire process takes place discretely. Your children won’t know that you’re keeping a record of the websites they visit as well as the people they communicate with online.

If your kids are internet savvy, this software will serve as better control over their online activities. This is because while they can very easily unblock and access the websites, you filtered – without your knowledge – they’ll never know you are aware of what they do online, and then you can address the issue with them appropriately.

Benefits of Parental Control on Avira

  • Censors what your children access on the internet.
  • Monitors the places they visit, especially for kids that are old enough to bypass internet protection.
  • It keeps your children safe from internet bullies and predators.
  • Notifies you when internet predators and trolls make attempts at your kids, and assists you in taking necessary actions.

How to Turn Avira Parental Control On and Off

Activating and deactivating parental control on your computer is no big issue – it is as easy as turning your computer on and off.

For Windows OS,

  • Navigate to the ‘Control Panel’ from the start menu,
  • Select ‘Set up Parental Controls’ from the ‘User Accounts’ option,
  • Choose the account you wish to control and then turn parental control on by clicking ‘On.’
  • Once it is turned on, you can go through the regulation alternatives.
  • If you wish to turn it off, click ‘Off.”

For Mac OS,

  • Navigate to ‘System Preferences’ from the Apple menu,
  • Select ‘Parental Controls and then select the type of control you wish to set up.

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