How to Proof your Backlinks for Future?

Google search engine has a love hate relationship with niche edits. And Google algorithm is highly affected by the backlinks, they influence the rankings as well. But backlinks are volatile. If they are not white hat then they can cause more harm than good for your website.

How can you proof your backlinks for future? Here are a few ways which ensure that your backlinks are safe and won’t lead to penalty.

Use relevant backlinks

Tricking Google is easy, but you will have to pay high price for that. For example, if you want to create or buy niche edits for blender reviews, but you use Blender Animated Software website to add your niche edits then it is unfair.

Niche Edits are links that are basically used in a page or a post of a website. These links are curated and aged and cached. That’s why they need to pass the test of time by Google.

Using irrelevant links, and trying to overdo the backlinks can affect your website and can lead to penalty. And that will backfire your entire marketing strategy.

Make Quality content  

Backlinks are alright, but where do the links lead to? They should always land on pages that have quality content.

You can use buzzsumo to research about topics related to your niche. Once you get an idea about the most searched articles in your niche, you can create better content than that and post it on your website. Furthermore, you can respectfully ask the sites to add the links to your content which is better.

Google loves Great content, and if it is doing the surfers good then Google will rank it higher.

Mention your brand

Most of your well made content is out there in the internet used and shared by others. You can always claim the ownership and ask the pages to grace you with a mention. This way the links from those pages will create a brand image.

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