How to get More Traffic from Social Media?

Social Media has become the top most preferred platform when it comes to marketing and promotions. More than 50% of the promotions are carried out on social media only. And this also accounts for a lot of your website traffic.

But not everyone is able to get the desired traffic from social media. Why?

Plus, whenever you are in a business, such as Finnish gaming operators, or casinos, etc. (in short, a niche business), getting traffic from social media can become difficult. The problem lies in the way people promote their pages. Every business today can be found on social media. But what they do on their pages, makes the entire difference.

So, to get rolling with your social media traffic, here are some nice tips for you.

Post timings

If you want to continue with the type of posts you publish, try changing the timings of the post. There are certain time frames when most of your followers are active. If you consider topics like games (such as video poker), then you can reach out to people during afternoon times, because that is when the gamers are mostly free to surf the social media. When your sole purpose is to drive traffic to your website from social media, you definitely would want to make your post visible to your audience.

By default, very few of your followers actually see your posts. But when you take care of the timings, more of these followers can join in. And these timings can easily be checked on various websites. Although I would recommend you to test and find your own timing based on the analysis of your social media posts.

Visual Content

What kind of content do you usually publish on your social media pages?

Are these simple links? Do you not post anything else?

Sometimes what you post also makes a difference. People easily get tired from viewing same kind of content all the time. So bring some changes in your approach here. You can attract people by putting up interesting topics like “best games online”, “top 5 companies for gadgets”, “best bitcoin casino“, or something like these. In addition, bringing in variety when you post also matters.

For example, you can go with:

  • Videos and stories
  • Images
  • User generated content
  • Quizzes and puzzles, and so on.

The overall idea is to engage the people with your content. More the visually appealing content you publish, more would be the traffic to your website.

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