How to Differentiate between Genuine and Fake Reviews on the Internet?

Every time you go for buying some items on websites, you look for other customer’s reviews to know about their experience about a given product. However, there are plenty of fake reviews available on the internet which makes it difficult for customers to buy a genuine product. In this post, we have mentioned various ways which would help you differentiate between genuine and fake reviews on the internet. After reading the tips, you will no longer be left with the confusion of differentiating between genuine and fake reviews.

Check the Language

The first thing to note while detecting whether a review is fake or not is the language of a review. If you happen to notice that the reviewer use language which is too positive about a given product then you should check other websites about that product. Also, notice the way of commenting about a given product as it would give you a hint whether it is a normal review as is posted by people to appreciate products.

Inspect the Profile of a Reviewer and Dates of Reviews

Another way to check the authenticity of a given review is to inspect the profile of a reviewer. If a person uses glowing language to leave positive reviews time and again then you have a valid reason to doubt on that reviewer. And if the focus of his review is on products from small companies then it might be a subject of suspicion for you. Apart from this, also check the dates of reviews as if there is a collection of positive reviews on a given date then you can easily spot fake reviews on a given website. You can also look for the inspection of a person’s profile to take a decision about its authenticity. For example, while looking for the best UK casino sites at TheCasinoDb, then it is recommended to check the profile pictures of reviewers as many people pick profile pictures from other social media accounts in their accounts.

Seek Help from Online Sources

There are many online tools available which inspect the authenticity of a given review with the help of their statistical analysis. Fakespot is one such tool which could help you in identifying whether a given review is fake or not. Also, you could google the profiles of reviewers and check whether such names exist on social media accounts such as facebook or twitter, or not.

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