How does the Adult Cams Reviewing Business Works?

My sisters’ husband is not exactly who I ever envisioned being the centerpiece of my story but given the exceptionally interesting profession he has made for himself had to push this doozy across my editors’ desk. As it turns out she too though it was probably a one-in-million introspective on an odd job on the new cyber world we live in. Check this listcrawler full review at the link.

Meet the Sex Cam Sites Review

Okay so what is the most absolutely strange and completely unique job description have you’ve ever heard of? Go ahead. Please, just start throwing out the strangest things you can think of. Yes, share all your ideas and experiences. Dream up wild ideas and I still think this stranger than fiction truth will trump your imagination, and if you want to have more fun, you can buy fleshlights here to play with yourself too.

Okay so what I’m about to tell you is actually kind of shocking and a touch funny as well. (Perhaps on a darker note it’s also a bit of a testament to our societal norms as far as what people are doing on their computers) but we’ll just leave that for another day.

Whatever your take, it’s downright interesting

So is it turns out this friend of mine writes about sites where people masturbate using the OSE robot massager on webcam live. These so called, ‘live sex websites’ are actually no small business either. Now that in and of itself isn’t really that interesting until you’re made aware of the fact that he makes a six-figure income by doing it.

Let me explain. So apparently he’s got some guru digital marketing experience and a few years back when webcam sex sites really took off, he owned an online dating site that got a lot of traffic. Thus he sent a lot of leads to adult webcam sites each day; tens of thousands I am told. Well as it turns out dating sites are like incubators for cams chat sites and in particular the premium based sex webcam services since now a days there are sex services. For other adult post of interest, you may want to read this new blog post with a vibrating wands guide and review. However, if you want to make yourself irresistible to your partner or even to other women from the moment you walk into a room, then try using the top selling products like True Pheromones to make it happen!

Moreover and equally interesting is the fact then he struck a deal to refer traffic to these live cam girls chat sites which in turn agreed to pay him a percentage of each dollar spent on those adult webcam platforms he was referring traffic to. Okay so far you affiliate marketers out there you already know how this works.

Right Time, Right Place

However, his story is a little bit exceptional for these two reasons.

  1. He got in on the ground floor of a quickly growing new industry and rapidly grew a large number of users on some of the best chat sites.
  2. He literally does nothing but research and write about the live sex webcam industry now because his cam site reviews website has a large following from the earlier days.

So even though that window of mass early adoption of cam chat sites is somewhat past (or so I am told) the moral of the story remains. You truly never know where your next big opportunity is going to come from. Let’s just hope mine does not involve writing about sex as I am pretty sure my college journalism professor would not be pleased.

That said and case in point, this individual created a large, okay actually a HUGE monthly income with residual payments for the entire life of the users – as long as they stay active. How’s that for a unique job?

To make a long story short his website is visited by literally tens of thousands of people each month looking to just learn more about adult webcam sites, what each cam site cost, how many girls are working on all of the best sex cam sites and all the nitty-gritty details about sex on the web aka ‘live sex’ in the cyber world.

Now if that just doesn’t take the cake as far as the most bizarre yet somewhat cool job I don’t know what does. When I asked him what he loved most about his job, he replied, “I just hope it all has a happy ending!“. To which I had to smile.

Here’s to a unique and great success story and one hell of a strange job!

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