Five Oldest Land-Based Casinos You should Know About

Spinning the reels of your favorite games from the comfort of your homes is possible now due to the online casinos. There are a large number of online casinos like the trusted online casino malaysia 2021 that are offering a variety of games. But did you ever wonder if you have visited the world’s most famous land-based casino establishments or not? These land-based casinos are famous gambling destinations. If you do not know those famous land-based casinos, then scroll down to know about them.

Casino De Spa

Casino De Spa is among the oldest land-based casinos in the world. This casino was built back in 1763 and is located in Belgium. During World War 1, extensive fire damaged most of the building’s structure and it was destroyed. The place was renovated again in 1918 and underwent several transformations for hundreds of years. A complete renovation on the building was carried out in the 1980s. Since the early 2000s, the casino has been run by the Circus Casino Spa Group Casinos and it is still a popular place to play casino games. There are also some modern offerings for the players such as starting from slot machines, over table games, live games, roulette, and poker. People are also visiting Kasinohai for the online slot games. 

Golden Gate Casino

You may have played a lot of games in the casino but do you know, what was the first casino built on the Las Vegas strip? It is located in the center of the city on the corner of Main and Fremont Streets and was called Golden Gate Casino. It is the oldest casinos in Las Vegas and was purchased for $1,750 by John F. Miller in 1905. He opened it one year later. Golden Gate Casino operated within the hotel until the state gambling ban took effect in 1909. 

Casino de Monte-Carlo

The next oldest entertainment complex is Casino de Monte-Carlo, which is located in Monaco. This property was owned and operated by the Societe des Bains de Mer de Monaco. Casino de Monte-Carlo was built in 1856 when Princess Caroline of the House Grimaldi came up with an idea to build a casino. A new site for the casino was found in 1863. The investors were Bishop of Monaco and the future Pope Leo Xlll. Presently this land-based casino looks more luxurious than earlier. It is offering a collection of French Roulette, Trente et Quarante, Baccarat, Blackjack and Texas Hold’em. 

Kurhaus of Baden Baden

The next oldest land-based casino is Kurhaus of Baden-Baden. This casino was opened in the nineteenth century in 1834. The whole complex was made as a casino, spa, resort, and conference. The designers had made the main entrance of the building with Corinthian columns featuring the neo-classical architecture. This place was very popular even when the gambling was forbidden in France. People from different locations visit this casino to test their luck.

Casino di Venezia

This is the oldest casino in Italy and has a 381-year-old establishment. Casino di Venezia was built in the 17th century in 1638. It is a Renaissance-style building and is located on the Grand Canal of the Cannaregio quarter of Venice. The casino was initially called Ca’ Vendramin Calergi that served as a home or a gateway for many prominent people throughout history. 

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