Facial Recognition and its Applications

Facial recognition is an advanced video monitoring technology that allows identifying human faces from an image or video. Facial recognition uses biometrics to judge facial features from a photo or video. It is actually a software that uses image with a large database of recorded faces and finds a perfect match. It has a wide number of applications for use. Most of the people are using facial recognition for its use in Instagram filters and face ID. The advanced technology has made facial recognition like a fingerprint.

The technology behind facial recognition is complex and it is being used in the military, police, advertisements and even to create deepfake videos. It is very important to know all about facial recognition technology and how it will develop in the future as a face search engine for finding lookalike faces.

How It Recognizes and Identifies Faces

There are many mediums for facial recognition but it is important to understand how the process of facial recognition works. Below are three primary applications for facial recognition software that would help you to know how facial recognition technology identifies faces.

Basic Facial Recognition

Mobile phone makers are using basic facial recognition technology for locking and unlocking the phones. It is also working on the Instagram filter where your phone camera looks for the feature of a face such as a pair of eyes, a nose, and a mouth. Then it uses algorithms to lock onto a face and determine which direction it is looking. It is just software that detects the faces. 

Face ID Programs

Facial recognition technology is also in use as Face ID. Many entrances in the companies, government building and defense agencies are loaded with face ID programs to avoid trespassing. It just takes a photo of your face and measures the distance between your facial features. Then every time you pass the entrance, it confirms your identity. 

Identifying Strangers

There are many organizations that use security cameras and facial recognition technology to identify a face for security and policing purposes. It involves comparing faces captured through cctv to an extensive database of faces. It is also used in airports to check whether a person has overstayed with a visa or not. This process is nearly the same as Apple’s Face ID but on a larger scale.

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