Email Validation: How Email Verification Really Works?

Have you started email marketing campaign for your business? Then, you may have faced some concern with the email validation. Here, we are going to clarify you how this email validation works.

Initially, you may feel that email marketing is very easy. You rely on Email Service Provider to send the newsletters. However, in due course, you may find something wrong. For instance, your subscribers would not receive the email, or you can find high bouncing rate. The major reason behind it is that the deliverability of your email is decreasing. With the email verification process, you can improve this deliverability.

The steps, important for email validation

Email validation refers to the process of validating emails with a range of steps. There are various email verification services, and they go through different steps. In fact, these steps are helpful in identifying problems and issues. For instance, it can check the spelling the mailing list to trap the spam.

Some email marketers buy their mailing lists. However, although you may have collected the email addresses in a legitimate process, you may find few spam traps.

Thus, to remove those addresses from the mailing list, email verification can be the best option. While you have avoided email validation process, you can find that ESPs and ISPs have backlisted you.

Another step of the verification process is to analyze the email format. This process includes-

  • Mailing list scanning to find the missing symbols
  • Validity of the email addresses

Domain verification is one of the parts of the email validation process. The verification service providers inspect DNS records for ensuring the accuracy of domain name.

Now, the last step for the validation process is to verify the individual mailbox. The email validation service providers follow SMTP protocol. It helps them to ensure the presence of the mailbox and your recipients will get the message.

The reliable service providers offer you several other validation services. For instance, they remove the disposable and bounced emails or the email addresses, marking your mails as spam. Thus, you may find more than 10 types of email verification checks.

Email validation- How much time does it cover?

In most cases, the email validation process takes few seconds to be accomplished. After this process is over, you can find the outcome. Additionally, you can make out the email addresses that you must remove. You may upload a series of emails and let the verification service providers help you. If you are still having trouble with this, you can hire a marketing company to help you out, just make sure to look for a loyalty agency!

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