A Programming language with all the concepts: C++

It is correctly said that coding is new knowledge. Nowadays, learning a computer language is so going in the trend that everyone wants to try their hands on it. But these coding languages are not everybody’s cup of tea. You need to master in these areas to achieve big. There are many big coders in the world who are currently ruling the world with their fabulous technical discoveries. There is a bright career in IT sector and it is blooming at a high pace. So if you are also looking to have a career in this field, then there are certain options which you can go for. One of them is the knowledge of the language C++.

What is C++?

C++ is a general purpose Object Oriented Programming language which is the extension of the C language. C++ is known to be a very powerful language which is used to develop game engines, games, and also desktop apps, thanks to its performance. It is considered to be an intermediate-level language as it can encapsulate both high and low-level language features. In the beginning, it is called the “C with Classes” and it inherits all the features of the C language along the newly added concept of Class. But then, it was changed to C++ in 1983.

There are many reasons which are out there and makes C++ a very useful language. So today we are discussing some of the points which are in support of the fact that you should learn C++.

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  • Command over other advanced languages faster

If we talk about all the other advanced and popular programming languages, they are built as per the libraries which are used in the C++ language. Some typical examples of advanced language which uses the parts of C++ are:

  1. Java- The core of the JVM known as Java Virtual Machine hotspot is implemented in C++.
  2. Python-The interpreter in Python is implemented in C++.
  3. JavaScript-the popular JavaScript engine V8 is implemented in C++.

There are many misconceptions in the mind of the people that if they know the syntax of the programming language, then they can have a good command over the languages. But the truth is different. If you really want to master any language, then the theory behind the languages can help you to develop applications more efficiently and ultimately mastering the language. It’s incredibly beneficial, especially in the long-run, to learn even the minute of details in coding like the ternary operator python.

So the prerequisite of the language is that you learn the basic and important things which are present in C++. Once you have mastered them, that’s the time you can have a career in remote javascript jobs if you like.

  • Brings performance

In order to avoid the silly mistakes in the programming, we use the guidelines of the best practice but that is not enough when you are trying to get the better performance out of the code and yourself. When we are programming in the advanced programming languages, we generally focus on the implementation of the functionalities. The better performances involve writing the code in an efficient way. If you have a good knowledge of the C/C++ languages, then you will be able to know the things and have knowledge of how these advanced languages are running at their lowest levels. Many issues like performance decay, expensive CPU instructions, a cache miss will be discovered more easily with the knowledge of the C++ language.

  • Powering the world

If you are thinking that this language has no more use then you need to get yourself updated and know the correct fact. C++ is everywhere, and truth to be told, it is powering more of the technologies we give it credit for. Many operating systems are written in this language. For most of the modern browsing systems like Chrome and Firefox, C++ is used. Not only these, but there are also many modern games which are written in this language. For the advanced languages, the compilers and interpreters used are also implemented in C++. Going by the research also, C++ is the most popular language in March 2018. So if you are thinking of learning it and facing some c++ coding challenges, then do not stop and try to overcome that as you are learning a great language. This will help you in making the base strong and learn other languages also.

  • Understanding fundamental computer theories

The fundamental computer theories include computer networks, operating systems, computer architecture a d complier theories. Almost all our new technologies are built on the base of these four theories. So when you are learning high-level languages, you might not get aware of these things and these machine-level details are hidden from you. But if you are looking for a career in the development then the knowledge of these things is necessary and all you can get while learning C++. If by this you can understand the computer network well, then you will be able to have your own reliable protocol which will be more efficient. So overall, all these techniques which will make you stand out from the rest will be based on C++ concepts.

Here are some tips which you should follow while learning this language-

  • Be consistent

Just like any other course or program, you need to be very consistent in learning this language. You should not take it lightly and think of it as an easy language. You need to have a regular routine of learning this language.

  • Practice, practice, and practice

This mantra is there for every other language as well. If you want a great command over the language, make it a habit of trying everything out on the system. Many students make it a mistake of learning only the theory of C++ and forget to actually use them. This is a very bad practice and after some time, all the book learning you will forget. But the practice will always help you.

  • Day to day use

Try to use this language to create the programs which are related to day to day life. As C++ is an object-oriented language and use the real-life object, be focus more on that.

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