5 Things Brand are Doing Wrong on Social Media

Mostly all businesses today are exploring the industry through social media many of them even buy instagram followers to reach out more people. They prefer to promote their brands and interact with customers through this very medium. Social media indeed is at the core of digital media strategy leading to give measurable results in specific duration.

But the other side is there are brands making social media mistakes every then and now that leave them with unexplored opportunities. In this post, we are going to highlight five of the mistakes that could make brand low and often turns it to a failure.

1. Not properly listening to your audience

Obviously your social media page shines with the audience. But have you considered the point that is your brand listening the voice of audience? Indeed the audience is speaking and the businesses that turn deaf ear to them often face a decrease in the fan base. The likes of the viewers/listeners matters even to just project you as an established artist.

In this regard of proper listening, you might see notifications appeared on the dashboard for the conversations happening at the page but it would a lot be better to keep a constant tab on whole social media beyond your newsfeed. This will make you aware of how people are responding to your products or services and what are their real feedback towards the brand. You can also create a separate landing page on your website where you can welcome feedback/suggestions from your audience. Here is one example of the landing page from a Web design agency in Dubai which is optimized for conversions.

2. Not clear objective

It is astonishing that many businesses still are running without clear and defined goals. This makes businesses stuttering overall. Same is the case if the business is running without any proper aligned social media strategy, when it comes to media, Func.media is one of the best.  It is not simply a good idea to post random updates every day and anticipate getting great number of likes and share.  Organic reach is becoming more challenging than ever, and Facebook and other platforms are becoming pay to play platforms.

So to avoid any hollowness, you can persistently choose social media advertising that also allows forensically tracking engagements with setting of crucial goals. With this proper tracking tools, businesses can analyze the success or failure of campaigns, the expend on future campaigns, the ROI factor and so on.

3. Not optimizing each social network

Your brand will be exploring different social media networks but are you designing unique content for each platform? A common mistake businesses do is often they replicate the content throughout all platforms. Audiences on all social media platforms are greatly different and thus expect unique content. This applies not only to businesses but also to individual social media influencers. If you’re the one to use Tiktok to generate your following, you must click here and understand the strategies through which you can gain more followers.

In order to do right on the social media platforms, think outside the box and properly reflect the desire of viewers on specific channels. Be focused to give valuable and custom tailored content for all social media platforms by scheduling posts each day. Other than uniqueness of the content, make sure to create content calendar aligned with business objectives.

4. You’re not offering real value

People like to interact and engage with brands to have complete info about them. One of the most cited mistakes brand do is they push their brands more often without offering value.

Social media advertising has greater benefits but it should have to be combined with engaging content pieces like infographics, blog posts or videos that makes users gravitate back towards the brand. Plus, there’s professionals in Social Media Video Ad Production that can help you develop a video advert that gets the message you want across and to the right demographic. Keep in mind when brainstorming for these, that content containing diverse aspects like humor, information, entertainment resonates the audience and improves the bond between both parties.

5. Not Responding to Comments/Complaints

Getting comments/suggestion is a significant part when your greater part of business is relying upon social media. For better interaction with users, always respond to positive and negative comments. It is not a good idea to ignore the legitimate complaints. This active responding will leave an impact on customers that the brand is all up for caring and resolving of issues.


These were the common mistake that could readily impact your reach and ROI. So make sure to avoid these mishaps and capitalize on the opportunities of the market.

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