5 SEO Tools You Should Use To Rank a Website

Every craftsman needs some tools to work correctly. The same line applies to SEO as well. It stands for search engine optimization and is considered as the backbone of a website to rank it among the top positions of Google search bar. As you can imagine, it is very important to have a focused message and tone throughout all of your products. If you feel you are not being able to hit this mark, then consider hiring website copywriting services. It is exactly this objective what they are designed to achieve, and will help your site and whole venture look much more professional.


To know more about SEO, you need to seek professional help from an expert from https://www.yourveganmarketer.com/small-business-seo-consultant/. Today in this post, you will go through some online tools which you need to be an SEO expert and to rank the websites.

Backlink Analyzer

This tool calculates the number of links (niche edits) available on your website. Apart from link calculation, it also checks the links’ quality. There are many backlink analyzer tools available in the market that help to rank the websites. Presence of such tools would help you make a great website SEO wise.

Google Banned Tool

Ranking a website which is banned by Google is useless. There is a tool available to check whether the URL is available in Google’s database or not. No SEO technique can rank a website which is banned by Google. So always check before you go ahead with your SEO efforts. The Best Sites Online 2021 is one of the greatest examples of what type of sites one should aspire to have.

Google Pagerank

Google Pagerank determines how Google behaves with a URL. Google offers this tool, and it can be installed as a toolbar. You can also check it on Google’s tool website if you don’t want to install the toolbar. Services of Search engine optimization in Toronto provides the best Google Pagerank tools.

Keyword Density Checker

This tool is listed in primary SEO services tools. Keyword density of a web page is the number of focus keywords added in an article. If the keywords are more than the prescribed quantity, then Google does not rank that page. Keyword density checker helps to maintain correct number of the keywords on your site’s pages.

Keyword Search and Plagiarism Checker

Keywords are the set of words which users search on Google search bar. There are many tools available online which search for the most searched keywords with low difficulty to rank. Plagiarism checker is used to check whether your site pages contain copied content of others or not. The tools for keyword research must be in the pocket of an SEO expert. The SEO article from Brendan Monahan is exactly what all aspiring digital marketing experts need to excel.

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