5 Different Pages a Business Website Must Have (apart from home)

Making a website seems very easy. All you have to do is set up a template and start writing articles, right? No! There are a certain set of pages that a website should have before it moves ahead and publishes articles. And not many websites follow these requirements, which make them rank very lower than other sites.

If you are also all set to make a business website of your own, then you must read this article and create the below set of pages before starting with the main content. Why? Simply because your website will look complete this way, and it would be easy for people to reach out to you. Moreover, with incomplete information, the credibility also loses. And we hope you do not want to do that. Following are the set of pages needed by every business website apart from, of course, the homepage.

Privacy Policy

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You can either add this page in the menu bar or somewhere in the footer. But mentioning Privacy Policy, specially in websites like naket.biz, is important. It has become crucial today for every business to disclose to its readers regarding what all information of the readers they are storing, and how they are using it. And in case the user wants to prevent that data from being stored, how they can do that. If you are providing something like payday loans online then, this page is exceptionally important to you.

Contact & Locate us

There is definitely no need to disclose your personal contact numbers here. But mentioning the office phone numbers or any other social media accounts or email addresses become important in case the readers wish to contact you. Adding a locate us map service becomes helpful when your office deals in public dealings. We also strongly suggest using a virtual office as this is a great way of getting that privacy that you need. For a business in Manchester (in the UK) we use what is easily the best virtual office Manchester has available and it works superbly, they forward all of the mail so we keep the home address private, so this just shows you how well it works. In addition, you can also include a contact us form to allow people to drop in their queries, through which you can contact later for their needs.


If your business offers any kinds of services to the users, surely disclose them in a separate page. This will help them to navigate through your offerings easily. A user-friendly website is the key to a successful business. So, keeping every important information separate is very helpful. For Example, checkout how well organised the site PaydayMe.com is, with all services listed in a proper fashion.

Offers & Discounts

If you are selling something, or want people to pay for something, then starting discount and offer campaigns can be very beneficial. Most of the people occasionally add this section in the home page itself. While it is good to mention everything on the front page, but navigation becomes difficult. When you have a separate page ready for such offers, people will click there more often and there would be a high tendency to purchase.


Last but not the least, also mention a Blogs page, where people can come and share their own articles related to your business line. This will help people interact with each other more and your viewership also increases.

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