4 Best Free iPad Mockups for Professional Presentation

The iPad is one of the best inventions from Apple. It is the perfect business tool because it is so easy to carry around because of its size, yet it is not as personal as a mobile phone. The iPad is the perfect cross between a computer and a mobile phone, which is why it is a great way to showcase a website design or an application design. Good thing the web is a repository of many free iPad mockup designs.

First, let’s talk about why the iPad is a great device for a mockup. In general, an Apple product is really a professional tool both in looks and in functionality. The best part about Apple is that its products work seamlessly with each other. This is why once a person is an Apple product owner, they rarely ever purchase another technology from another brand. It is just perfect: You take a photo of a picturesque view while walking on the street. You want to incorporate that photo in your presentation, which is stored in you MacBook Pro. You don’t need to send it from your iPhone to your laptop, you just take it from your iCloud, which is also in your MacBook Pro. Apple makes things convenient for career professionals. Carrying a briefcase for men makes you look prepared and professional.

Specifically, the iPad has the following advantages:

  1. It is a powerful and convenient presentation tool. A presentation is a big deal. Most presentations would use a conference room and an LCD screen. You can easily connect it to a projector with the help of experts like Signal Solutions.
  2. It is a great tool for communication. It is the iPhone that is basically used for communication. But there is more versatility with the iPad because you can have a conference call on it. It is ideal for conference calls because of its wider screen compared to the iPhone.
  3. It is a portable creative tool. There is also an Anti-Theft Security Case with Stand for iPad that you can use anywhere while working. With the iPad, you don’t need to be stuck on your office chair to let your creativity flow. You can be anywhere creating beautiful designs with your iPad. It has the appropriate apps that can help you with design projects.

Here are the best free iPad mockups for your professional presentations

1. iPad and iPhones Mockup

When you want to showcase your app design, this will be a great mockup for you. There are also a number of mockups that would make use of the iPad and the iPhones. But the general idea here is that you are showing how your design looks in both devices. There are cases wherein a design will not translate well in a bigger screen or a smaller one. With the mockup showing both devices, the glaring differences or lack thereof will be emphasized. Sometimes, the differences may be intentional or not.

2. Devices Mockup

Similar to previous mockup, but this one uses almost all kinds of devices to showcase the look of a web design or application design in all forms: desktop, laptop, tablet such as the best tablet for drawing and mobile phone. It is a great side by side look to demonstrate how the size of the screen will affect the design of the landing page and succeeding web pages—or maybe they won’t have any effect at ll. Also, if there are specialized effects done on a specific device, then this is also the mockup to use.

A devices mockup also comes in different forms like through a perspective mockup and various other mockup designs. You can get different kinds of mockup templates online that are in PSD file, which is always the best to work with because it can be edited really easily especially with smart layers.

3. iPad Pro PSD Mockup

You can get a free iPad mockup that will showcase the two screen sizes of the iPad Pro—the 10.5 inches and the 12.9 inches. With the use of the Apple pencil, you can easily scale vector files in the iPad Pro PSD mockup. There are also many ways to give clients a different view of the web design. If it is a photo-based layout, in your free PSD mockup, you can have one iPad in a vertical position and the other in a horizontal one. This will demonstrate how the page will look like in different positions. You may also have the iPads overlapped.

If you have a preference for iPad Airs, then there are also various mockup templates for that—or an iPad Mini for that matter. The former is generally better for web designs as they provide larger screens, while the former will be better suited for application designs. The free iPad mockups on the web are in various layouts that as a designer, you can really be versatile with your creativity.

If you want the subtle Clay design, Ramotion provides 10 professional mockups in Photoshop and Sketch that will showcase your apps in the App store.

4. iPad Pro with Keyboard on a Desk Mockup

This kind of mockup is truly revolutionary and perfect for presenting web designs or applications that one can use for work—whether you have a corporate office or a home office. Why is this essential? Because it shows that you don’t need the high-powered, more expensive technology to do actual work. This mockup shows that you can very well do professional tasks on an iPad Pro.

You can also pull out a vector mockup to showcase great photo or photos. The complete iPad Pro with Keyboard on a Desk Mockup includes the Apple pencil, headphones, eyeglasses, notebook and a tech magazine on a hardwood desk. It is clearly a professional setup that will help you with professional creative tasks.

Designing with an iPad

The latest iPad model, which will be called the iPadOS, will be coming out by the end of this month. According to reports, it is going to change the iPad game. This will really solidify the theory that you might not need the desktop and the laptop anymore to provide professional outputs. Designing with iPads just got more interesting.

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