3 Tips on Writing “How to” Articles

Almost every person is talented in some or the other thing. There can be many things, many techniques, which he knows and others don’t. And so, it gives a perfect opportunity for them to share their knowledge with the world.

Here we are talking about “How To” articles. There can be numerous topics in this list, such as:

And so many more genres. While we mentally know how to do all these things, but some people might not know what is the best way to communicate.

May be the way you think of the technique, might not be understandable to many. So, it is always better to keep in mind certain tips that can help you perfect your “How To” article. This will also increase the interests of readers towards your blog or website, and the footfalls would greatly increase. So let’s see what can you do to communicate in a better way.

Keep in Mind your Audience

Every “How to” article is not meant for everybody. So before going ahead and writing the article, think clearly who will be your target audience. And then frame your content according to them.

For example, if you are writing “How to bake a cake”, your audience is budding cooks as well as teenagers who wish to impress others. Now if you fill your content with points like importance of baking a cake, types of cake, pros and cons of this step in your relationship, and so on, people would be highly bored.

All they want is “How to”. So it is better to keep it short and sweet, so that your target audience stays interested.

Steps and Images

Better not write an essay on your topic. If you are going to teach some process, it is always the best idea to give that in steps. Mention short and easy to understand procedure steps for your audience. And if possible, included images with the steps wherever you can.

Introduction and Summary

Before starting your article, give a paragraph about what you will be going to talk about in the rest of the article. Make it crisp and to the point. And in the end, if possible, summarize your article if it was of large number of words. There is no need to summarize in the end if your “How to” process was small.

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