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Klean is an amazing theme with stunning visuals and awesome animations. A creative and simplistic design provides this theme a very unique touch. Klean is indeed a clean and light theme perfect for a large range of websites. With an extensive use of CSS3, it might not be compatible with some older machines, so please download only if your computer belongs to current time and not a pre-historic era.

Some of the features of the theme are-

  • Responsive Layout
  • Retina Ready
  • Translation Ready
  • Full Window Header
  • Awesome Animations
Live Demo Download


Now you can upgrade to Super Klean – the bigger, better and awesomer version of Klean and enjoy many more features. Check out Super Klean here-

Super Klean

Comments have been disabled for this theme. If you have any queries regarding the theme, kindly post it at www.wordpress.org/themes/klean

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34 thoughts on “Klean – WordPress theme

  1. Hello, I love this theme. I just have one question. Some of my feature pictures have white as the background. I was wondering if there is a way to change the color? Preferably for each post but if it’s possible to change it for all posts that works too. Thanks!

    1. Hello Tanner,
      For adding css code, you will need to install a custom css plugin.
      After adding the plugin, add the following code-
      .featured-wrapper .entry-title a {
      color: black !important;

      It should do the job for you…

  2. Hi Divjot
    I have chosen your theme for my website and I’m really glad I did it. really compliments.
    I have to ask you some questions: I noticed that the link to the email does not work and sends me back to the home site. Maybe I wrong something, but I do not know how to do. Can you help me? (I do not understand much about these things … I’m only an architect ahaha)

    second question: if you see my home, shown at the bottom there is a square that says “no image available” …. How do I change the written and put a picture? If you press it you go to see a video.

    third question: I’ve selected only a widget for translation, why appears two? How can I leave one?
    thank you for your theme, is really nice

    1. Hello,
      Regarding the “no image available” issue….
      You need to set a Featured Image in the “Edit Post” screen at the bottom right corner.

      Regarding the other issues, can you please explain them in detail.
      I would appreciate continuing the support on the wordpress forums so that it can benefit the others as well.
      Kindly submit your query at http://www.wordpress.org/themes/klean.


    1. Hello Lindsay,
      You first need to install the custom css plugin.
      After installing, paste the following code-

      #search-top {
      text-align: left; //It can be left or right depending on your preference
      margin-left: 10px; //Spacing on the left
      margin-right: 10px; //Spacing on the right

  3. Hi divjot,

    I’m using this theme, my website is http://www.newsontheroad.com

    Your design is classy and beautiful. But I have encountered a few problems while tying to post some articles written in Chinese.

    1.Recent Posts can’t display titles written in Chinese.
    2.The titles of recent posts are displayed in white colour, which is hard to recognise on light-coloured featured pictures.

    I don’t know how to fix these problems, maybe I should change something in the .css file?

    Many thanks,


    1. Hello,
      Install the custom css plugin. After installing, paste the following code in it-
      #search-top {
      display: none !important;

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