7 thoughts on “Binge – WordPress theme

  1. Hi, I try your template but I have a problem with the home page and the recent post.
    I have not image, : sorry, image not available !
    What can i do ?
    Thank you

  2. Just an FYI, I had to remove a function declaration in inc/extras.php (line 56): `binge_render_template`, that was previously declared in functions.php (line 97).

    Removed that and it worked fine.

  3. Hi I am using this theme for my interior design website and I would like to enhance the overall look of my gallery instead of presenting them just in a column in the page.
    Does your pro version allow me to have a choice in choosing how I want to present those photos? Or have a gallery page where by we can click and zoom in a pic instead of opening a new window of the picture when clicked on. And there is a bullet beside the page title when I open the page. Is there anyway that I can remove it?

    Hope to hear from you soon.

    1. Hello Angeline,
      I would recommend asking questions regarding Klean theme at the wordpress page of the theme.
      For Gallery, you can use plugins such as NextGen gallery.

  4. Hi!
    can i put links to youtube vids with in a blog post of this theme?
    I haven’t started to install the theme and want to ask that before i start.
    Thank you so far

    1. Hello Michael,
      YouTube videos can be integrated within the theme easily.
      You can embed the videos in the blog post. Just copy the embed code in the “Edit Post” page.


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