3 Tips to Make Your Home a Healthy Place to Live

According to a survey, on an average, men and women spend 40 minutes a day on cleaning their home. That means almost an hour we spend on cleaning the entire home. In just 40 minutes of cleaning the house, we can skip a lot of things to clean, which if avoided, could harm our health. There are many such mistakes we make in our daily cleaning routine that become reasons behind all our ailments. Today we are here with some tips on how to make a home a healthy place to live.

What is a dehumidifier for crawl space you ask? These are devices that intend to assist in the removal of any excess moistness and also get rid of high humidity levels from the air. High levels of humidity in your crawl spaces can be the main reason for a lot of unfriendly consequences in your house. Examples of such consequences are; heavy odors in your house, mold problems, allergy triggers, presence of pests, and structural damage.

These tips are essential for those people who live alone and could not spend enough time on cleaning.

Clean Dirty Shower Heads

Showerheads are the most common area where you lose your house’s cleaning ratings. This area gets often caked with soap scum and it is a pain to clean. If this is not cleaned before the time, it can cause mold in the nearby area. Mold is the reason behind many human diseases and should be controlled. Mold Cleaning Secrets suggest cleaning such areas in the home with baking soda and white vinegar mixture. It does not only clean the white scum of the soap but also reduces the chances of mold forming. 

Purchase Quality Doormat

Doormats are the first fighters that resists the dirt, dust, and germs we bring into our homes. We do not know what kind of disease we are bringing through our shoes in the homes. To fix that, keep the doormat outside the door and encourage everyone to wipe their feet before going inside. If possible, try to discard your shoes every 4 years and buy new ones on shoehero. Only the quality doormats can clean your feet at some limits. And also do not forget to clean the doormat regularly. 

Freshen Up Your Dustbin with Lemon and Ice

You probably felt a strange smell coming from your garbage disposal due to last night’s dinner scraps. This smell is not good for your home and health as well. It contains many bacterias that you can inhale and fall for a serious disease. In addition, these bacterias are the food of other harmful bacterias that are trying to evolve in your house. 

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