3 Tips for Designers & Developers who have a Desk Job

Designers and developers have to sit in front of their computers all day long. Usually, it is an 8 hour shift. But some are required to sit even longer.

In such a case, working out continuously might cause you severe health issues. To name some,

  • You would get back pain
  • Your posture might get affected permanently
  • Slip Disc and other health issues might arise
  • Headaches, migraines, etc. might start occurring, and so on.

These are just the few issues you will start facing. But what is the solution to this? Desk job is important and you cannot let it go. Is there any way you can avoid such problems from occurring?

Definitely yes!

Here are a few tips for all you designers and developers who have long desk working hours.


After every 1 hour or so, get up and take a light stroll. This way, your muscles would not stiffen up. Doing dynamic stretching and walking will help you relieve a lot of your stress and increase the blood flow in your system. Your headaches, back pain and many other issues would also be resolved.

But make sure you get into this habit. Doing stretching once a day would not help. You need to keep your body moving and stretching frequently.

Workout at Home

Once you come back from your job, make it a routine to do some light exercises before you go to sleep. Make sure to also choose a perfect bed for sex which can help you boost your sex drive resulting in better sleep at night. You can either carry this routine in the morning after you wake up, or before going to bed. In this, you can include a mix of light and heavy exercises, such as stretching, dumbbell deadlift, squats, yoga, meditation, and so on.

These exercises will relieve your body of the stress you accumulated the whole day and will freshen you up for the next day. Your posture and stiffness would also improve if you make this your habit. Not much, just a few minutes of exercise is also sufficient.

Healthy Eating

Lastly, you need to take care of your diet well. Include healthy options in your food like spaghetti squash, oats, fruits, green vegetables, salad, and so on. These diets will keep your body nourished and energized for heavy mind workouts during your day.

Along with healthy eating, keeping your body hydrated is also important. Drink lots of good fluids so that all the impurities get flushed out from time to time.

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