3 SEO Tactics that Every New Blogger Should Try to Boost Traffic

Are you new to blogging? If so, then you must know about certain things that play a crucial role in order to bring traffic on a blog. Out of all those things, the most important one is SEO. Yes, search engine optimization is a deciding factor that determines the success of any blog in the digital world.

For a beginner, SEO may seem a tricky thing but in reality, it is not the case. All that one needs to follow is simple SEO tactics that can lead to a boom in the traffic on a given blog in a limited time. Here are the 3 best SEO tactics one should follow:

Build Strong Backlinks

It is important for you to rely on strong backlinks in order to boost traffic on your blog. Many new bloggers fail to realize the value of backlinks and they end up messing up in finding ways to bring visitors on their blog. Since the number of blogs is increasing on a large scale, a search engine looks for only those blogs that actually contain unique content and powerful backlinks.

Do Proper Keyword Research

Keyword research seems an easy task to many bloggers but it also requires a lot of understanding in finding the right keywords necessary for creating valuable content. There are many SEO tools available that help to find easy to rank keywords. And they can help to generate more traffic on a blog in an easy manner.

If you are new to blogging then you should consider choosing easy to rank keywords as it is an important part of doing an SEO. Long-tail keywords can help anyone get more traffic on his blog in a limited time and hence one should rely on long-term keywords for writing any blog post.

Distribute Your Home Page’s Link Authority to Other Important Pages

In order to improve the SEO of your website, you should distribute your home page’s link authority to other important pages on your blog. Since Google can easily render AJAX and JavaScript in a better way, you should focus on plain HTML links.

It is important for you to include links to the most important pages of your blog. This is required to be those pages where the most important products are present on your blog. Many experts believe that linking in the body of a page helps to increase more link authority than navigational links.

So, these are some of the SEO hacks that you can follow to improve traffic on your blog. You can also think of visiting Thunderhawk to get digital marketing services including SEO to boost the number of footfalls on your blog. 

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